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  • New PvP arenas are live, thanks to Kalle, Hippie and Vex for their help. A teleporter can be found found at spawn to get to this location.

    We will have TWO PvP tournaments coming up:

    PvP tournament with free/spawned gear from the staff Next weekend Saturday (on 9th)

    PvP tournament with your own gear Two weeks from now (on the 16th)

    • There are 4 arenas (with possibly more coming) when you register choose one arena you DON'T want to fight in. Once your opponent has been chosen I will randomly choose an arena for you to fight from the ones the players left "open".
    • Fights are 1 versus 1 melee only, in both events you will be given one lingering harming potion and one instant healing potion.
    • For the second event, the restrictions for your gear are:
      • No bows
      • No potions
      • No Thorns enchant
      • Any grade of armor and either an axe or sword are allowed, as well as shields.
      • No Golden Apples or other healing ítems
      • Any equipment you lose the winner of the match will get to keep, do not join if
  • I have hidden 20 chests in the spawn area (inside red line) or a little bit outside the red line (at most twice as much distance as there is from spawn to the line) Most of the chests are hidden as hard as I could think off.

    Each chest has a book numbered from 1 to 20, please only pick one book. Your reward will depend on how many books you find, the event will last until the end of Sunday.

    1 Book: My autograph
    3 Books: 10 schnibbles + all the previous rewards
    5 Books: Some sheep spawn eggs + all the previous rewards
    10 Books: 5 Music discs of your choice and a jukebox + all the previous rewards
    15 Books: A tier 2 enchantment book of your choice (Unbreaking II, Sharpness II and so on) + all the previous rewards
    20 Books: A book of Mending for the first 3 people*, after that a Tier 3 book of your choice + all the previous rewards

    * If I'm not online send me a screenshot of all the books in your inventory to make sure you're in the top 3

    The password to unlock the
  • Hey guys I made a video of the previous map with some neat buildings I came across.

    It was long overdue for me to fuck up one of these, so all the videos I had had a brown-ish tint on them due to the program that tints my screen at night, I color corrected them the best I could, it worked fine for some parts and not so fine for others, sorry.

  • We are changing some stuff around with the rules and such starting from now. Most stuff will be detailed further as we can get some essentials done, such as a proper spawn and the quiz/rule world is back.

    For now we are changing who is eligible for the Elder Rank:

    To become an elder player should meet if not all, then most of these requirements:

    - Must have been an active player during 2014/13-2010
    - Must have a relatively clean record
    - Must have not been a dick / rude player
    - Must have been co-operative with the staff and helpful to other players
    - Must have been respected by others

    Everyone we think does not currently fit these criteria will be demoted in the following days, if you think you still deserve the rank then ask a staff member and we will discuss it internally.

    This decision is final, you can complain all you want but for now you wont be getting the rank.

    More rules changes to follow, so keep following this thread for updates.

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