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Survival games plugin

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Sticky Music thread.

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Getting spawn camped

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  • Ok dudes since as today Windows is telling me the HD the server runs on is officially dying. I made backups for the maps, MySQL DB etc. I don't know how long till it snuffs it. Might be next week, might be in a hour.
    I'm gonna buy a new SSD tomorrow or next week and have to reinstall everything. So if the server is offline for a bit, don't panic.
  • Hey everyone! We are starting a build event today!

    It will be a Team event, Notch Vs Sheep.
    It will be a survival build event.
    The theme will be a Roman Village.
    The event will end on Sunday June 14th 2015.
    Winner will be chosen on Monday June 15th 2015.

    Captains are not decided yet. Ask any mod+ to be added to a team!
    First two people who want captain will get captain.
    Some blocks will be provided. But will not be available for a day or two.
  • This Saturday (the 30th) I will:
    Open the Riddle House (Couldn't think of a better name). Test your riddle solving skills as well as your knowledge of the server.

    Host mini-survival/hunger games matches.

    There will be rewards/prizes, spread the word!

    We will start around noon-ish and keep going as long as I feel like it or there are people to keep running them.
  • On February 4th, Mojang released name changes. They allow you to change your name every 30th day. BUT, there are some consequences.

    - A new cool name to brag about!
    - If you're banned and you think that if you change your name will help, it won't!

    - Your chests and doors that are locked will NOT be unlocked! This means you'll have to unlock them BEFORE you change your name! If you don't unlock them before, you'll need to ask an Mod or an Admin!
    - Your money will be left on your old name. You can ask a Mod or Admin to take it from your old name and give it to your new name.
    - If you have a shop, it won't be connected to your new name, instead it will be connected to your old name. (Credit to Demi for bringing it up!)
    - If you're in any zone, it won't remember you. You will have to be added again with your new name!

    That's all. If you have any further questions, post them here in the comments!
    Where can I change my name? Here is the direct link! You'll have to login to…

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