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Ban Appeal

TheRoyalElite - - Ban Appeal
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Sticky Post here if you need to be promoted on the forums

Demicol - - Rank Request
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Best thing in minecraft

AnfoFlash - - Off-Topic
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Elder Request :(

UltraChroma - - Elder Request
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Sticky Youtube (and other videos) thread

Demicol - - Off-Topic
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  • On the 25th-26th, next weekend we will be switching inventory plugins and this requires all inventories to be wiped.
    This will most likely also mean Ender Chests.

    - On the next weekend, 25th and 26th of June make sure you don't have anything valuable on your player inventory or Ender Chest

    Once again, inventories will be removed/cleared/wiped/emptied so prepare accordingly!
  • If you have ever thought you would like to be an SCP, read this carefully.

    1)Fill out this form below (copy and paste it somewhere)

    My Minecraft username:
    What do you think the SCP's are for?:
    Why would you like to be an SCP, or why would you make a good SCP?:
    Player Steve claims player Notch is hacking, what do you do?:
    Someone has griefed player Notch and he is spamming the chat; "I BEEN GREIF HELP", what is the correct course of action?
    Where are you from / your time zone?:
    At what times do you usually play?:

    You can write here something about yourself if you want:

    2) Send it to me (Demicol) as a private message titled "SCP application"

    If you don't know how: Click "conversations" at the top of the forum, then "new conversation" and put my name on the "Participants" box.

    Applications are open for one week, after which we will check them and choose the people who would fit, if any are to be found.
  • Hello guys.
    In about 2 weeks on a Friday, the 3th, I will be holding a building event.
    There will be 2 teams, Notch and Sheep.
    The theme is the greece mythology (Olympus and houses).
    The event will be going for 1 month and two weeks, so it ends on the 15th (DATE MAY BE CHANGED!).
    Please post what team you'd like to be in here or talk to a Moderator or Adminstrator in game.

    If you want to be a captain for the team you're in, post here or talk to a Moderator or Adminstrator in game.
    (Captains will be able to add players to the teams zone)

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