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FTB server

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i awareloki8709 banned for grief

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Banned For Advertiseing Appeal

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ban appeal

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  • It's (re)revival of the carnival. Last time due to a lack of foresight someone TNT'd the thing to oblivion, so this time simply ask a mod or admin for permission to build at the carnival.

    The carnival is a place for anyone to build their own minigames or "rides" (roller coasters etc), you can get to it in the Eventland by turning right at spawn and going trough the nether-star portal.

    Rules of the Carnival area
    • Ask a mod or admin nicely if you could help with the Carnival
    • There is a lot of space, don't build near someone else's ride
    • Don't destroy or add to any of the existing rides without permission from the owner or you will be banned from further Carnival related events(and possibly from the server).
    • Don't build garbage. Your 100x100 pillar with a drop to a pool is not fun for anyone.
    • Respect other builders, you get to use Creative mode so don't go around throwing potions at everyone etc.
    • Don't build crap. It has to be a functional ride/minigame or carnival related.

  • Every map we had something next to spawn where people usually go to PvP. Some times people use it some times people just ignore to play on the flat ground next to it.

    So I figured let's have a contest where you , the players, can build a "pvp building" for everyone to use.

    You can build it in Meadows, if you are not a Vet, one can let you in if they take responsibility for you: If you grief, they get demoted.

    -It doesn't need to be:
    - Big
    - Complex
    - or "grand" (see pow's LOTR towers)
    -It should still look "nice"
    -It should be fun or helpful
    -You can add runes to spice it up (like the old design of using acceleration rune)

    As a prize you will have your building in use next to spawn for everyone to see.

    No deadline as of yet, Mods/Admins will vote on the best design when we have a bunch.
  • Bored of the normal building world? Looking for something more crazy and slightly more difficult?
    The amplfied world is here!

    Featuring crazy landscapes like you never seen before, just waiting to be explored and built on.

    -Same inventory as normal world.
    -Same rules, PvP, zones and cities can be made.
    -Portal is at spawn, in the portal hub.

    Enjoy guys.

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