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Announcement New Map is live

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What do you want the bar bellow your name to display?

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Sticky Music thread.

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  • You heard right. All plugins and whatnot are already up to date so we wont have to wait for those. New map will also have the mansion building finally.

    A bit of a fast announcement but prepare mentally and physically.

    Those who complete the Treasure Hunt event and everyone who has screenshot of themselves completing the at least 1 wing of the Challenge Cubicle, will receive prizes next map.

    If you want your home to be featured on the Map Video post it's name here.
  • Treasure Hunt!

    Starting from the South Gate of the Spawn, follow the hints in the signs to eventually find a treasure spot.
    Post a selfie or just a plain screenshot of the end to win something, yet to be determined.

    If you're doing to event please get a Wool hat from the spawn to indicate you're doing the event.
    Please do not kill people doing the event/with a wool hat.

  • If you need help with Runecraft, feel free to post here and someone who knows better will respond.

    For now here is how it works:

    If you have not used Runecraft yet:

    You MUST first build this:

    Build it exactly as show in the image, then right click the fire with your hand.

    After you have used the rune above:

    Now you should seen energy bar at the top of your screen, burn items in lava or fire to gain energy, this energy is used to use runes.
    Though at the moment it's so easy to get infinite energy don't worry about it too much, just burn some garbage,

    Building and using runes:

    CLICK HERE to see all the runes available.
    Click "show" next to the name of the rune to see how to build the one you want. Click on its name to see what it does and how to activate it. This usually requires some tool or item you click it with.

    If you see it say "tier block" then this block can be anything BUT NOT THESE:

    For some runes the higher tier the block is the better the effect of the…

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