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Hey guys I'm back <3 ( And I'm not hacking xD )

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Ban Appeal

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Have you been banned? Want Unbanned? Read This.

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  • Ok we have a new thing to replace Bukkit, we don't know if it will stay or not but for now you can do:

    locking: Right click something you want to lock with a sign in hand, If you want to add more people right click the sign with empty hand and type /rcl edit 3 Name (Name is the name of your friend. To add a 3rd person replace 3 with 4)

    /tpa to call
    /tpahere to ask them to come to you

    /jemote list and then /emote (ex: /taco)
    /r (reply to last message someone send to you)

    If you want your home protected, ask an admin.
  • Some people might remember this from Map 4(?), I've added an extra stage that is the hardest one in it.

    Just enter meadows, the doors blocking you from entering if you're not a vet are gone, and you will be at the entrance. The area around it is set to survival, so you can't cheat by flying trough it.

    Grab a screenshot of the message you get when you beat it (and post it here) and win something!

  • Wassup Swisscraftians and loyal followers of the Sheepgod

    As you know, 1.8 has been released and it brings alot of new crap. In fact enough new crap that warrants a new map.
    I know the kneejerk reaction here is to be angry and whine cause of all the things you lose, but trust me, a new start is always nice.
    Right now I cannot tell you when this will happen, since there's a bit of legal drama going on with bukkit which will probably delay the update even further, so no I cannot update the server for awhile. Once a 1.8 proper bukkit is out, it will take about 1-2 weeks for the core plugins to update, then I will announce the reset.

    As always the current map will be available for download for awhile to everyone can get it.
    Also Meadows will either be reset, or a second new Meadows will be launched seeing as the old meadows has become slightly buggy and causing people to crash whole joining.
    Same deal, the map will be available for download.

    Right now don't worry, keep playing and…
  • I know you're all busy having fun with 1.8 update, but while we wait for Bukkit to update so the server can switch over I'll be holding another build contest event.

    When: This Friday - Sunday

    No teams! Solo contest! Build by yourself, no teaming up! (You can still trade stuff or whatever)

    Theme: Modern (basically anything you think would exist today; tiny shacks to skyscrapers)

    Prizes: Probably a choice of a tool or piece of armor with an enchant of your choice, you will get it on the new map once we reset.

    Winners: Depending on number of people who join Top 3 or Top 5 best builds will win.

    Wtf is this "build event": Different world, gather resources on the spot and build a building according to the theme!

    As always, post here if you want to join or show up when the event starts!


    Not Participants(?):

  • Some of the older players on the server might remember the old villager booths we had a few maps ago, sadly there were those who wanted to ruin the idea for the rest of us but with the new summon commands we are able to make them un-killable! They're located at spawn if you go forwards out of the main area and turn right. Feel free to suggest new trades to be added, the only limitations are a maximum of 128 of a block on each side of the trade, and I'm not adding anything ridiculous that's going to hand out diamonds like they're going out of fashion.
    The idea behind adding these is they will give people a reason to train some of the less used McMMO skills as well as trade in the somewhat useless side products of others, for example if you fish a lot and cook your fish you can trade them in for diamonds at the villagers, as well as mining, stone (not cobblestone) can be traded in at a rate of 128 stone for 1 diamond, there are other deals and it's open to suggestions for more.
    On top…

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