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Bi-Weekly events - Win gear or stuff for the next map

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GigantGrief with TNT

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Youtube (and other videos) thread

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Sticky Music thread.

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  • I do not want Tanelorn to stay. Tanelorn is the cause of PvP to drop down. Although PvP is the cause of making Tanelorn. We could have stricter rules around PvP then. Just reply what you think :thumbup:

    Sorry for lack of arguments, I'm not good at expressing them.

    EDIT: Moved to News since I figured out this is an public question :P
  • I thought I'd try to get some activity on the server so every two weeks I will start an event. It will last for a week, then at the end I will reveal the next even and you will have a week to sign up or prepare. If you win, I will take request on what you would like to have at the start of the next map (doesn't have to right at the start, if you want to find a home first and request building materials, that is fine). I will keep track of who has won and wants what.

    Previous event:

    Current event:
    Next event on Saturday 29th will be a treasure hunt. I'll set it up on Friday so nobody can get any clues early.

    - I will put up signs with a clue where to go next, where another sign will be with the next clue, eventually leading to a "treasure". Everyone who finds it can request something for the next map.
  • Ok dudes since as today Windows is telling me the HD the server runs on is officially dying. I made backups for the maps, MySQL DB etc. I don't know how long till it snuffs it. Might be next week, might be in a hour.
    I'm gonna buy a new SSD tomorrow or next week and have to reinstall everything. So if the server is offline for a bit, don't panic.
  • Hey everyone! We are starting a build event today!

    It will be a Team event, Notch Vs Sheep.
    It will be a survival build event.
    The theme will be a Roman Village.
    The event will end on Sunday June 14th 2015.
    Winner will be chosen on Monday June 15th 2015.

    Captains are not decided yet. Ask any mod+ to be added to a team!
    First two people who want captain will get captain.
    Some blocks will be provided. But will not be available for a day or two.

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