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The Villager Stands return, now with immortality!

Harojax - - News
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Maze Challenge

Harojax - - Buildings & Blueprints
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Rank Request

FatToe - - Rank request
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Zombie survival! (New minigame)

BurntHippie - - News
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Some guy on Dayz handcuffed me and took my stuff.

kalebthegreat - - DayZ
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  • New

    Some of the older players on the server might remember the old villager booths we had a few maps ago, sadly there were those who wanted to ruin the idea for the rest of us but with the new summon commands we are able to make them un-killable! They're located at spawn if you go forwards out of the main area and turn right. Feel free to suggest new trades to be added, the only limitations are a maximum of 128 of a block on each side of the trade, and I'm not adding anything ridiculous that's going to hand out diamonds like they're going out of fashion.
    The idea behind adding these is they will give people a reason to train some of the less used McMMO skills as well as trade in the somewhat useless side products of others, for example if you fish a lot and cook your fish you can trade them in for diamonds at the villagers, as well as mining, stone (not cobblestone) can be traded in at a rate of 128 stone for 1 diamond, there are other deals and it's open to suggestions for more.
    On top…
  • There's a new mini game in town! It's called zombie survival! It's a game mode that mirrors the Call of Duty zombies. All you have to do to join is go to the PVP tower at spawn! We have one map currently called zCity! (More coming soon!) 1000 waves of zombies. Can you survive?

    Hints and tips.
    1. Yes you can revive your teammates! When they die simply break the sign that appears and they will revive!
    2. You can buy food and Heal in the starting building!
    3. Beware the dog rounds! There's always a 10% chance a wave will be dogs!
    4. There's a secret in the sewers!
    5.If you die you will come back next round!

    Coming soon:
    More maps

    If you find or notice any bugs please report them here!
  • Today, 4th of August, Swisscraft turns 4 years old!

    We started on the day (survival)Multiplayer was added to Minecraft in 2010 and here we are still, thanks Vittek for your patience trough the always late Bukkit updates, weird technical issues, the sometimes too needy and horrible players and the DDO:es, among other things. I wouldn't be here without you.

    I wanted to find an image of Map #1 but I guess I don't have it anymore, so instead here is an image of map #1 after a "Fallout". Back then there were no plugins to prevent people wandering millions of kilometers miles blocks in one direction, so Vittek had to manually remove the "excess" parts while we went around and blew everything up:

    Vittek if you still have the map 1 map image, please throw it in here.

    Here's also all of my screenshots that I took on Map #1 in an album, I didn't bother to remove any crappy ones so there are lot of where I somehow accidentally took a screenshots while the chat was…
  • If you know how these events works you can skip the blue text.

    Event will be held starting next weeks Friday (1st of August)

    In a new world, teams will start with nothing and will gather materials to build structures.

    You will gather materials on site, you cannot bring anything over.

    You will use these materials to build according to the theme of the event. (For example, if the theme is castles don't build a space rocket)

    PvP will be disabled.

    At the end the team with better buildings(that follow the theme) will win a prize.

    This time I've decided that instead of 2 big teams, we will be competing in any number of teams sized at most 4 people.

    There may or may not be a theme, not decided yet.

    Top 3 teams will win.

    If you wish to join with friends, list your team in a post (you can give your team a name if you wish) maximum of 4 people
    If you don't care who you team up with just post and I'll randomly assign people from the pool.

    Assuming no more last minute people joining

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    lol put in a random website though
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    The Link in your "About me" takes People to a Website where they can buy Houses.
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    Replied to the thread The Villager Stands return, now with immortality!.

    Update on the villager stands: Mob Drops villager had its trade slightly buffed, you get diamonds instead of iron now. Sugarcane trade was slightly buffed. You can now buy pvp armour, protection 4 and sharpness 4 and power 4 swords and bow, prices are…
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    Replied to the thread The Villager Stands return, now with immortality!.

    Can't see a situation where you'd need sponge for building or anything else other than draining the oceans.

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