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[EVENT] Spawn Parkour Challenge

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Sticky Youtube (and other videos) thread

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Elder Request - TheDarkRazer

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Elder Request - Ubbaz

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  • New Spleef Arena!

    What? Myself and zephez are proud to announce the completion of a new spleef arena!
    Where? The Arena can be found underneath the servers spawn!

    How does it work?
    The Arena uses mechanics provided by runecraft! Everything there (Excluding the barrier blocks) can be replicated by any player! So I hope this inspires some creativity and interest in the plugin too!

    How do I reset the arena?
    In order to reset the arena, punch one of the Purpur slabs located at each section!

    What competition?
    Finally, if there is enough interest, myself and zephez would be happy to run regular competitions to redesign the pattern on the floor of the spleef arena! So please vote!
  • Spawn Parkour Challenge!

    What? Parkour Challenge!
    Where? The parkour starts at spawn (facing east), type /spawn and you'll find it!
    Prizes? After you've finished the parkour, you'll receive a special shulkerbox containing rare items!

    Steps to receive the prize:
    1) Finish the parkour!
    2) Take a screenshot when you're at the top of spawn with the message.
    3) Post the screenshot with your in-game name in this thread.

    Good luck!

    Warning: Don't cheat the parkour, you'll be disqualified and won't receive a prize.
  • Pixel Art Contest!
    Join the pixel art contest for a chance to get your art featured on the world border wall. Make a pixel art that is at maximum 60 blocks tall by 120 blocks wide and 1 block thick.
    I made the wall at first thinking only of functionality and not much of aesthetics, but with some work this might even be like a throwback to the old spawn with the huge pixel art walls. It can be so much more than just a wall, this is an opportunity for us to express some of our collective culture in the form of art.
    The current wall will have a mural eventually, and I would like to feature at least four pixel arts (one per side) by other artists. I'm working on pixel art for the border wall mural, and I have plans to wrap the entire wall with fighting dragons and clouds with holes for players to cross. The max size for a pixel art being about 60 blocks tall by 120 blocks wide and 1 block thick (if you need a little leeway on the size just ask me to take a look).
    Here is an example of the…
  • The world border has been expanded and at the old border a wall has been created.

    Crossing this wall will give you the above warning message. At The Outlands, these rules are in effect:

    #1: Griefing is allowed - Use of Chorus Fruit to enter bases/buildings is also allowed.
    #4: Looting/raiding allowed – locks are disabled
    #7: Killing wolves and owned animals is allowed
    In addition, using /home and /tpa (teleporting to you still works) is disabled. If you want to teleport out you have to walk back to this wall.
    A Runecraft teleporter to each of the corners of the wall will be placed in the TP hub at spawn for quick access. You can still use RC to create homes outside the wall but they are allowed to be destroyed.

    In the future The Outlands will have rare Infernal spawns and other possible risk-reward features. For now it's simply a chaos zone where nothing has been explored or mined yet.

    In the area inside the walls, the old world border, all rules are still in effect, nothing

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