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Reason why I should be unbanned:

Isakoooo - - Ban Appeal
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Ban Appeal

Isakoooo - - Ban Appeal
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Sticky Post here if you need to be promoted on the forums

Demicol - - Rank request
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i got banned for using X-ray

ZireDx - - Ban Appeal
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Poffers Ban Appeal

Poffer - - Ban Appeal
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  • This building event will utilze you the players to build a spawn for the meadows!
    You may work as a group, solo, or not at all!

    To get to the building event go to meadows and go to the warp BuildingEvent.
    The winner will be chosen at NOON next FRIDAY, thats ONE WEEK.
    The winner(s) will be awarded a prize!
    You do not have to build in the area I picked out just please post the co-ords or the warp.
    If you have multiple people helping with your build please let us know.

    TL;DR: Build a meadows spawn, Win Prizes if you win next Friday.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Because of the 1.8 feature of changing the type of a spawner with spawn eggs, we have removed Skeleton eggs from the admin shop.
    We want to keep Wither Skeletons rare as they should be. If you have a Wither Skeleton spawner, please report to a mod or admin as they are now illegal. We will change it a type of your choice or refund your money (100 schnibbles) and make it a Blaze spawner. Same goes with Skeleton eggs: Report to a mod or admin if you have a Skeleton spawn egg and you will get your money back for them.

    We will give a small grace period, after which if you are found in the possession of an illegal spawner or skelly eggs, they will be forcibly removed! MinecraftSkeleton
  • We've added new worlds for your enjoyment:
    Amplified: Crazy terrain generation, shares an inventory with the normal world. You need to be a Regular (2 weeks played) to enter.
    Anarchy: No rules world. Much tinier than the normal world, no rules here grief and spawn camp or whatever you want in here.
    Meadows: Creative world. You need to be a Veteran (2 months played) to enter.

    Player shops are now also open, buy a plot from a Mod or Admin for 160 schnibbles and you can have a shop to sell your items in!

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    Forensik -

    Replied to the thread Reason why I should be unbanned:.

    Quote from Vex: “I never liked that Mask. But people keep using it to be edgy and cool.” Off Topic but important: It is an edgy cool mask, it's just not anonymous' mask at all, as Demi rightly said, it's 100% the Guy Fawkes mask.
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    BurntHippie -

    Replied to the thread Ban Appeal.

    Unbanned. Check your attitude. IF u have xray remove it. becasue im checking all of you out.

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