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Sticky Youtube (and other videos) thread

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Announcement Swisscraft's Discord Chat

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Elder Request

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Sticky Music thread.

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Sticky Funny Chat Moments.

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    Swisscraft has Discord!
    Q. What is discord?
    A. Discord is a free voice and messaging application designed with gaming in mind. I would describe discord as being the lovechild of Skype, IRC and TeamSpeak/Ventrillo/Mumble.

    Q. How do I get discord?
    A. Discord can be used in browser or downloaded from

    Q. Why Should I get discord?
    A. By joining Swisscraft's discord, you will be able to communicate with your fellow players outside of the game, communicate via voice chat and keep up to date with other players in real time! (And all from within the game itself!)

    Q. What is currently available in swisscraft's Discord?
    • 3 Public Voice Channels (Can be expanded)
    • Server Announcements
    • Nation/Town Voice Channels
    • In-Chat Rank Requests
    • Easy access to support from staff! (Help-Channel)
    • More to come!
    Q. This sounds great! How do I join?
    Click here!

    Have any questions or suggestions for discord?
    Post them here!

  • Rules:
    • Teams of max 2 players or solo
    • Staff will pick top 3 winners and players can vote for 1 winner
    • Build according to the theme (survival mode)
    • Solo builds may be "scored" more favorably.

    Theme: Fantasy

    Please post if you want to join and if you're teaming up with someone. You can also join after the event has started.
    Event will start on
    Saturday (18th) or late Friday and will last until Sunday (26th)

    Hey Swisscrafters,

    We are looking for new SCP's (Swisscraft Police) to ensure the observance of the in-game rules!

    Requirements for SCP applicants:
    • Min. 15 years old (15+ recommended, but not required though)
    • Good knowledge of English;
    • Min. 10 useful posts on the forum;
    • No recent ban history;
    • Dedication and devotion to help other people;
    • Good behaviour;
    Send your application here: click here

    End of recruitment: 17 March 2017 - 17.03.2017

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    rathead80 -

    Liked elfizwei’s post in the thread Banned.

    Like (Post) our convo. You were very proud, and not sorry. You even defended that fact that destroying shit in the end isn't against the rules(which its not) while not accepting the fact that being a huge dick is. You then said that me rolling back…
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    TheRoyalElite -

    Liked Airsofter158’s post in the thread Elder Request.

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    Thanks Golden! Not sure why, just don't feel like constantly being a pvp dick and pissing people off, I actually try and enjoy Minecraft more in its entirety now.
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    Zephez -

    Liked Demicol’s post in the thread Swisscraft's Discord Chat.

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    Let's at least TRY to keep them somewhat mature. No memes (dickbutt, 4chan shit etc) and other literal garbage. Please, I will try my best to enforce this, before you submit or upload an emote at least CONSIDER if it is an actual GOOD AND USEFUL EMOTE.
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    Zephez -

    Liked Demicol’s post in the thread Swisscraft's Discord Chat.

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    Just found out you can add custom emotes on the server. If anyone has any neat images they think would make a good one post em here and I'll do my best to make them emote-friendly (only if they're good though). Or if you're good at it yourself, they need…

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