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It would be nice to unban me

Theunshameless - - Ban Appeal
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Elder Request-Neosin10

neosin10 - - Elder Request
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Town spawn / embassy portals

Zephez - - Wishes & Feedback
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Sticky "I didn't fly, my game crashed" - The best ban appeals

Demicol - - Off-Topic
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Sticky Funny Chat Moments.

__Loading__ - - Off-Topic
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  • ~The Challenge Cubicle~

    After a year or so of working on this it's finally open. Thank you everyone who helped!
    You can find the entrance at the EventLand spawn, it's the portal with white wool and banners.
    Progress from room to room each containing a challenge built by someone, beat it to advance to the next one. Most rooms have 2 exits, but not all.


    The event has 4 different "endings", rooms with colored wool and signs. Take a screenshot of you winning one or more and post it here for the prize!
    For each ending you find you can choose one colored shulkerbox (+1 for a total of 5 if you find all 4) me and BuuR have filled with items. You can't see what they are beforehand though!
  • Event is over. Thanks everyone.

    Find a teleport to the maze at spawn (the magma block with a sign on it)

    The maze has 4 layers (levels) post a screenshot of the text you get for the last layer you beat for a prize:

    Layer 1: 50 Schnibbles and a copy of your head
    Layer 2: A single chest full of a basic resource of your choice (Something easily found in the nature: stone,cobble,wood etc) OR a duplicate of a previous reward
    Layer 3: A stack of a rare resource of your choice (mob drops, "rare blocks like quarz, colored clay/glass etc, (excluding ores) OR a duplicate of a previous reward
    Layer 4: A quarter stack (16) of a very rare resource of your choice (Sponges etc (and ores)) OR or 3 extremely rare/OP things (wither skulls, etc (or 1 enchanted star)) OR a duplicate of a previous reward

    Clearing layer 2/3/4 will give you all the rewards above it as well

    Post what reward you want for each section along with your screenshot. Be reasonable with your prizes, I will not
    OR find me in game today!

    Hey all!
    I am not sure if you have or have not noticed the giant pumpkin head near spawn...
    Well its the new boss event that will be going on for the next 13 days! (Available until 11/7)
    How it works is when you kill the boss he will drop his head. You then turn that head in for prizes!

    Prize Turn ins

    5 Heads - Your Minecraft Head
    10 Heads - 25 Sch
    20 Heads - 1 Piece of the Headless Horseman's Armor (Unbreakable leather)
    30 Heads - Headless Horseman's Axe (Unbreakable Iron Axe)
    50 Heads - 1 Small Shop Plot with 3 Months Rent Paid (Only 2 of this prize available)
    75 Heads - 1 Medium Shop Plot with 3 Months Rent Paid (Only 1 of this prize available)
    100 Heads - If you collect this many I will give you a extra special prize

    Happy Hunting!
  • As many of you know, there was a library built outside spawn by Kalle with the help of Sticky, you can read about it here.
    Adding to this, I've made it a place you guys can publish your own books for others to read.
    People can loan them out for a day to read but failure to return the book will result in jail time until it is returned. If you use the book for villager trading or anything else, you will be tempbanned.
    If the book is available, it'll be posted on the sign as "Available for loan" but if it's already loaned out it'll be gone from the item frame and instead say "Loaned by (name)"
    I thought this would be a fun little addition to the library.
  • How to get to it:
    - Go to Eventland (golden portal under spawn)
    - Go trough the green portal

    What to do:
    Build an arena in the wool plot assigned for the event.

    1 month
    from now

    All good arenas will be chosen for the arena plugin for everyone to play in.

    Ask a mod/admin to be added to the region so you can build.Griefing others arenas will have yours deleted and you banned.

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    Replied to the thread It would be nice to unban me.

    Please also explain in your next ban appeal why you made all those Nazi swastika's in your base and named your town 'TheThirdReich' aka Nazi Germany.
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    Replied to the thread Elder Request-Neosin10.

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    Minecraft username:neosin10 Minecraft username I joined with, if it has been changed since:neosin10 Other forums accounts if I have any:just this one Approximately when did you join:2013 Have you been banned before? If so, for what?:x-ray Thank you for…
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    Now follows larsdragonx.

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    Replied to the thread Town spawn / embassy portals.

    Commandblocks are a feature of the actual game, all they let you do is execute commands via redstone, doubt you can make them interact with any plugins.

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