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The truth ban appeal

walpal26 - - Ban Appeal
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Publishing Books to the Swisscraft Library!

Ornage - - News
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walpal26 - - Ban Appeal
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Elder Request

IShareWithBros - - Elder Request

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Sticky Gallery - Share your gaming screenshots

noienoah - - Off-Topic
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  • As many of you know, there was a library built outside spawn by Kalle with the help of Sticky, you can read about it here.
    Adding to this, I've made it a place you guys can publish your own books for others to read.
    People can loan them out for a day to read but failure to return the book will result in jail time until it is returned. If you use the book for villager trading or anything else, you will be tempbanned.
    If the book is available, it'll be posted on the sign as "Available for loan" but if it's already loaned out it'll be gone from the item frame and instead say "Loaned by (name)"
    I thought this would be a fun little addition to the library.
  • How to get to it:
    - Go to Eventland (golden portal under spawn)
    - Go trough the green portal

    What to do:
    Build an arena in the wool plot assigned for the event.

    1 month
    from now

    All good arenas will be chosen for the arena plugin for everyone to play in.

    Ask a mod/admin to be added to the region so you can build.Griefing others arenas will have yours deleted and you banned.
  • 6 years up and running 24/7!

    The last year or so maybe wasn't quite as great as before, after the map reset we had some issues and saw the amount of players slowly dwindle, but riding on the fame of that 2bt2 server as being one of the oldest running Minecraft servers, we've gained boost in activity. Since the last time the staff has seen a lot of changes with many people leaving pursuing their real life career or education, but the new members are just as good if not better than the old ones.

    We added the Elder rank as a thanks to all the very long time players, thanks to all the current Elders for the continued support!

    And thanks to everyone else who still plays here, we appreciated it.

    Here's for another 6 years!

    Demicol wrote:

    Ok, 3rd time's the charm (One failed after exporting, then i uploaded it to the wrong account)

    Meadows video is here when its done processing:

    In hindsight I could have edited it down a bit more, but screw it. I
  • Event
    Build a castle, defend it against griefing.

    For this event two teams will build a castle, your team is given 250x225 build space.
    For about one and a half weeks you will build the castle

    Then, for 1 day I will enable griefing. During this time you can destroy the opposing teams castle. PvP will ofcourse be enabled so you can defend yourselves.
    Then, for 2 days griefing will again be off and you can repair your castles.
    This will repeat 4 times and in the end the better looking structure will be the winner

    We will start this weekend either Sat. or Sunday. The schedule will look like this:

    • Saturday/Sunday (31st) to Wednesday (10th), build phase
    • Thursday, griefing/destruction phase
    • Friday & Saturday, repair phase
    • Sunday, griefing/destruction phase
    • Monday & Tuesday, repair phase
    • Wednesday, griefing/destruction phase
    • Thursday & Friday, repair phase
    • Saturday, final griefing/destruction phase
    • Sunday & Monday (Maybe Tuesday depending on how things look), final repair phase

    Please post if you

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    __Loading__ -

    Replied to the thread The truth ban appeal.

    Quote from TheRoyalElite: “Just saying but weren't you guest before you got banned?” He means that he is willing to loose Regular in order to be unbanned. Walpal, I wish you did not lie. You were nice. Lying makes things worse. As much as I like…
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    TheRoyalElite -

    Replied to the thread The truth ban appeal.

    Just saying but weren't you guest before you got banned?
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    walpal26 -

    Posted a new thread: The truth ban appeal

    Minecraft username:walpal26 Who banned me:unknow Why I got banned:for using jesus, anti knockback, and x-ray Why should I be unbanned: Im so sorry for lying i did use the wurse client which i forgot to turn the anti knockback off. I will remove this…

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