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Ban Discussion

CONVICS - - Ban Appeal
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Anime checkout-a-thon

Demicol - - Off-Topic
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Another X-ray Ban appeal

jojohappy - - Ban Appeal
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X-Ray Ban Appeal

Lvl48Charizard - - Ban Appeal
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Sticky Music thread.

Demicol - - Off-Topic
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  • From April 14th to 17th
    Find hidden chests with named books in them for prizes. The chests are hidden in or around the spawn area, none of them should require you to go far enough to find a player made structures (not including staff made).
    Each chest has as book numbered from 1 to 12, please only take one book of each number.
    Depending on how many you find (not necessarily in numbered order) you can exchange them for prizes:

    Note: The lower tier prizes will include all the ones above it.

    The password to open the chests is e2017
  • April Fools

    Everyone is having too much fun so we decided to switch to a more realistic approach and from today on all commands will be disabled
    • You cant teleport to anyone anymore because that's not realistic
    • You can't set homes or teleport to them because that's not realistic
    • You can't ask the staff for help anymore because that's not realistic
    • All ranks are now white to make everyone equal
    • Mcmmo will be removed because that's not realistic
    • A plugin will be added that at a later date makes Minecraft like the Beta version again where there were no enchants or Nether/End because that's realistic

    All zones and locks will be removed after everyone has adjusted to the new rules because that's realistic
    /home /spawn and /town spawn will be enabled for 24 hours to let people get their bearings.
  • Swisscraft has Discord!
    Q. What is discord?
    A. Discord is a free voice and messaging application designed with gaming in mind. I would describe discord as being the lovechild of Skype, IRC and TeamSpeak/Ventrillo/Mumble.

    Q. How do I get discord?
    A. Discord can be used in browser or downloaded from

    Q. Why Should I get discord?
    A. By joining Swisscraft's discord, you will be able to communicate with your fellow players outside of the game, communicate via voice chat and keep up to date with other players in real time! (And all from within the game itself!)

    Q. What is currently available in swisscraft's Discord?
    • 3 Public Voice Channels (Can be expanded)
    • Server Announcements
    • Nation/Town Voice Channels
    • In-Chat Rank Requests
    • Easy access to support from staff! (Help-Channel)
    • More to come!
    Q. This sounds great! How do I join?
    Click here!

    Have any questions or suggestions for discord?
    Post them here!

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    elfizwei -

    Replied to the thread Ban Discussion.

    It feels more like a ban to get the point across. I say nyaa back but if it annoys someone it would be polite to stop or at least not use it while talking directly to them.
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    DylanHardwell -

    Replied to the thread Ban Discussion.

    A permbann for this might be a little to much, however this Nyaa thing has been annoying a lot of people and when a mod tells you to stop You might actually wanna do that. Continuing being annoying in chat after people ask you to stop can be concidered…
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    Posted a new thread: Ban Discussion

    MC Name: CONVICS Who banned me: DAMTHE1st Why i got banned: Because i "annoyed" him Why i should be unbanned: A Perm Ban for saying Nyaa? Many Players know im using nyaa at the end of every sentence, I also used it when he was online. …
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    Appelsin -

    Liked stav’s post in the thread Anime checkout-a-thon.

    Like (Post)
    im when i can. just one problem demi. there is ti few ecchi anime so its kinda a shit season.;D

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