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Reveal your true personality! [Challenge]

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Sticky Skyblocks Challenge!

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Sticky Post here if you need to be promoted on the forums

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Anime Thread

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  • New

    Skyblocks World!
    A world composed of floating islands from various biomes, you begin on your own island cluster with all the resources you will need within reach. Cultivate your small island for resources and complete challenges for prizes which you will be able to use in the survival map. Note the Skyblocks map is still under construction and more features will be added as time allows.
    *For now, this event is limited to regular rank+ players only.
    Reaching Your Island
    You will find a rocketship at spawn (pictured way below this post). You must be Runecraft initiated to use the waypoint teleporter. Click here for a Runecraft tutorial
    At sky spawn, there will be a teleporter for each island which is locked for each player, you will be assigned an island by a moderator or admin. Waypoint/teleporters for the player islands, as well as the player island areas themselves will be protected from grief. If no mod/admin is available in game, post a message on this thread (or on discord) with…
  • Demicol wrote:

    I have set up a Team Build event.

    Theme: City
    Mode: Creative



    Not sure if the people who voted for the destroy event will join so I've put them as "?". It's 3 person teams sadly otherwise so hope everyone joins.

    Find a spot for your team to build on and mark it obviously somehow or show me where it is (or mods make a warp). Don't go too far away from the spawn though.
    Any griefer will be banned from the event and tempbanned for a week, though only the people who voted can build for now, ask a mod/admin if you want to join.

    I'll unveil the teleporter tomorrow morning.

    1)Team building event
    - Two teams build something and winning team is whose build looks better in the end

    2)Build/Destroy event
    - Both teams are given a set time to build then you can go grief the other teams build for a small time and each team then has time to
  • New Spleef Arena!

    What? Myself and zephez are proud to announce the completion of a new spleef arena!
    Where? The Arena can be found underneath the servers spawn!

    How does it work?
    The Arena uses mechanics provided by runecraft! Everything there (Excluding the barrier blocks) can be replicated by any player! So I hope this inspires some creativity and interest in the plugin too!

    How do I reset the arena?
    In order to reset the arena, punch one of the Purpur slabs located at each section!

    What competition?
    Finally, if there is enough interest, myself and zephez would be happy to run regular competitions to redesign the pattern on the floor of the spleef arena! So please vote!
  • Spawn Parkour Challenge!

    What? Parkour Challenge!
    Where? The parkour starts at spawn (facing east), type /spawn and you'll find it!
    Prizes? After you've finished the parkour, you'll receive a special shulkerbox containing rare items!

    Steps to receive the prize:
    1) Finish the parkour!
    2) Take a screenshot when you're at the top of spawn with the message.
    3) Post the screenshot with your in-game name in this thread.

    Good luck!

    Warning: Don't cheat the parkour, you'll be disqualified and won't receive a prize.

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