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igot banned for spamming

jonathnr04 - - Ban Appeal
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i got banned for spamming

jonathnr04 - - Ban Appeal
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Getting disconnected, but still being in the server.

arne501_ - - Support
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Ban Appeals & Forum changes

TheNelo - - Off-Topic
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jonathnr04 - - Ban Appeal
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  • Lets start straight away.

    What's happening and what's going to happen to the houses
    next to the 'old'/first spawn.
    Your houses won't be removed. All though the area will be used for Arenas and other tiny events!
    So no arenas next to the spawn anymore!Even better, the /spawn will be moved as well!

    But why did you ask me to move my house?

    We did this to show you guys the beautiful world! The world is amazing to explore and see new things!
    If you stay close to the spawn you would never see it and that's why we did/asked it.

    Where's the spawn going to? Coordinates? Etc!

    The spawn will be moving about a thousand blocks away from the position it is in right now!
    It will be moving to x,-61 y,81 and z, 1333. This won't affect others builds since we chose a spot
    without any players builds nearby! The /spawn is moved to the new location
    all though there is a teleporter to the old/first spawn for now!

    Got more questions? Need something? Reply them below!
  • WARNING! Read this!

    We're preparing for the new spawn/bukkit/sponge update!
    For this we need more space around the spawn.
    We've marked out a 100*100 red line. Any building inbetween that will
    be removed in 2 weeks!!! So you have 2 weeks to remove your buildings!
    This will not mean you can build right outside it again! The Spawn zone will
    increase later to and than you have to move your house again!

    NEED MORE INFORMATION? CONTACT A ADMIN/MOD (Preferably Show_House or Burnthippie which set this up.) INGAME OR SEND HIM/HER A MESSAGE.

    TL;DR (Too long; Didn't read)

    In 2 weeks EVERY spawn house will be removed in between the 100*100 red line!!!
    So remove your spawn house in 2 weeks from today!
    The 100*100 redline will extend later on again!
    So don't build right outside it again since you would have to move it again!

    (My grammar not correct, please correct me =P)
  • Ok we have a new thing to replace Bukkit, we don't know if it will stay or not but for now you can do:

    locking: Right click something you want to lock with a sign in hand, If you want to add more people right click the sign with empty hand and type /rcl edit 3 Name (Name is the name of your friend. To add a 3rd person replace 3 with 4)

    /tpa to call
    /tpahere to ask them to come to you

    /jemote list and then /emote (ex: /taco)
    /r (reply to last message someone send to you)


    Use /browse [Page] (/ibrowse works to) to see listing of items.
    use /buy (Amount) [ID] to buy the item you want of /browse .

    Shop example:
    /browse 2
    /buy 1 1001

    If you want your home protected, ask an admin.
  • Some people might remember this from Map 4(?), I've added an extra stage that is the hardest one in it.

    Just enter meadows, the doors blocking you from entering if you're not a vet are gone, and you will be at the entrance. The area around it is set to survival, so you can't cheat by flying trough it.

    Grab a screenshot of the message you get when you beat it (and post it here) and win something!

  • Wassup Swisscraftians and loyal followers of the Sheepgod

    As you know, 1.8 has been released and it brings alot of new crap. In fact enough new crap that warrants a new map.
    I know the kneejerk reaction here is to be angry and whine cause of all the things you lose, but trust me, a new start is always nice.
    Right now I cannot tell you when this will happen, since there's a bit of legal drama going on with bukkit which will probably delay the update even further, so no I cannot update the server for awhile. Once a 1.8 proper bukkit is out, it will take about 1-2 weeks for the core plugins to update, then I will announce the reset.

    As always the current map will be available for download for awhile to everyone can get it.
    Also Meadows will either be reset, or a second new Meadows will be launched seeing as the old meadows has become slightly buggy and causing people to crash whole joining.
    Same deal, the map will be available for download.

    Right now don't worry, keep playing and…

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