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Happyland FUNFAIR

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Hello guys!

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i got banned but the town owner was ok with what i did

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non-pvp rail service is improving

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Studying is a bitch!

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  • On February 4th, Mojang released name changes. They allow you to change your name every 30th day. BUT, there are some consequences.

    - A new cool name to brag about!
    - If you're banned and you think that if you change your name will help, it won't!

    - Your chests and doors that are locked will NOT be unlocked! This means you'll have to unlock them BEFORE you change your name! If you don't unlock them before, you'll need to ask an Mod or an Admin!
    - Your money will be left on your old name. You can ask a Mod or Admin to take it from your old name and give it to your new name.
    - If you have a shop, it won't be connected to your new name, instead it will be connected to your old name. (Credit to Demi for bringing it up!)
    - If you're in any zone, it won't remember you. You will have to be added again with your new name!

    That's all. If you have any further questions, post them here in the comments!
    Where can I change my name? Here is the direct link! You'll have to login to…
  • Hey fellow swisscrafters! I am letting everyone on the server know that we will be removing amplified world in 1 week. There a few reasons we are removing it with the two biggest factors being
    1) No one uses it.
    2) Free server resources for other new worlds.

    If you have a build in amplified please let a mod or admin know if you want to have it saved or transferred to a different world.
    Amplified will be removed on April 3rd 2015.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let us know here.

    thank you for your time.
  • Greetings

    Due the tension lately and the often rude and merciless behavior that has caused alot of good players to ragequit, here I present you the no PvP world Tanelorn.
    Inventory and all are shared across the normal worlds. It goes without saying that it's a world meant for building, exploring and having fun together. There's strict griefing rules similiar to Meadows, grief there and there's a chance that you won't be able to go there again. Respect everyone there by god don't build too close to each other. There is no reason to.

    The world is for now at a 4000 block radius, spawn is under construction, but I have made a awesome spawn myself for now. Portals should be available tonight.

    Now some might say this is not what a PvP should be, and I agree. However you brought this upon yourself, you know who you are. As I have said, PvP was never the problem, it's the players who just don't know when to stop and kill new players for no real gain or reason.
    I know this will divide the…
  • This building event will utilze you the players to build a spawn for the meadows!
    You may work as a group, solo, or not at all!

    To get to the building event go to meadows and go to the warp BuildingEvent.
    The winner will be chosen at NOON next FRIDAY, thats ONE WEEK.
    The winner(s) will be awarded a prize!
    You do not have to build in the area I picked out just please post the co-ords or the warp.
    If you have multiple people helping with your build please let us know.

    TL;DR: Build a meadows spawn, Win Prizes if you win next Friday.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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