• Whisperbox

    • [] silverligth3: what's your steam, pow?

      [] Demicol: Pow has told me he uses a voice changer to sound like a girl on Rust to troll people, I wouldn't suggest playing with him

      [] pow_wow: anybody up for some Rust?

      [] silverligth3: or... do? *Illuminati music*

      [] DylanHardwell: then dont go begging in the shoutbox please

      [] Jeepoo_: i allready did that

      [] Goldentank: Jepoo, Just go appeal

      [] Jeepoo_: guys pls

      [] Jeepoo_: pls unban me i wanna play

      [] StickyEagle: Read this: forum.swisscraft.eu/index.php/…-Want-Unbanned-Read-This/

      [] Jeepoo_: pls unban me :(

      [] Jeepoo_: i quited for quited months ago but i want to play and i still got ban

      [] Jeepoo_: i want to play again

      [] Jeepoo_: can i get unban pls

      [] Jeepoo_: i am banned from the server

      [] pow_wow: i need help gathering smooth stone for stone bricks! if anybody has some i could get it would be great

      [] DylanHardwell: banned

      [] pow_wow: lars has bad connection. please ban him.

      [] 0Julius_Caesar0: I didn't do anything, I willingly left because of real life

      [] pow_wow: wtf did u do this time lol


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