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    • [] Dr_McFly: This week I'm on Thanksgiving break starting Wed. Gonna play as much as possible. Hope to see everyone on! May have some (new) friends with me

      [] Devziez: What is love, baby dont me, baby dont me, no more.

      [] Zephez: It's being placed at -4300 -3200, if you want to see the outline on the dynmap

      [] Zephez: I've moved the shoreline of the eventcity to the survival world, so a spot has been chosen. Anyone from the build event can edit it in meadows before the final move

      [] Devziez: Uhhh

      [] silverligth3: But Link is never 13 in the games where he has the Hero of time title

      [] Devziez: Link... The Hero of time get it right

      [] Demicol: Well according to his profile he's a 13 year old boy from Hyrule, so I guess he's Link?

      [] DAMTHE1st: Who was he again?

      [] silverligth3: Aren't you the guy who told me I would be treating you differently if I knew who you was when you were being annoying in chat?

      [] Zephez: I miss everyone the most, the gathering of us all together, to put one person above another would not be possible for me. <3 I do miss you though Dev

      [] Demicol: :D

      [] Devziez: D;

      [] Demicol: Who are you again?

      [] Devziez: do you miss me the most zep?

      [] Zephez: I miss you too loady, I miss others too, feels like forever since I heard some of your voices


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