• Whisperbox

    • [] Vittek: I've reseted the router but seems Internet is a bit choking due the storm

      [] noienoah: Lag is insane

      [] StickyEagle: I need them to update the software. Thanks in advance!

      [] StickyEagle: Vittek, could you PM me the license number and serial number of the forum software? it's in your woltlab account

      [] Swoden: Ah No Problem Vittek. Thanks for fixing it and thanks that we are able to play on SC <3

      [] Vittek: Apparently the whole day while I was at work. should be fixed now

      [] Vittek: My internet was down

      [] cmoe9: i can't connect too

      [] Swoden: Vittek come out! ;)

      [] Demicol: Vittek!?

      [] Swoden: What happened to our lovly server?

      [] StickyEagle: Nope, server is down. The remote force restart doesn't seem to work.

      [] Demicol: Also am I the only one who can't connect to the server?

      [] Demicol: Pretty sure that has always been on but it never actually does it.

      [] StickyEagle: I checked the config. It deletes entries automatically after seven days, but it can be disabled.

      [] Demicol: Something wonky going on with the shoutbox?


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