• Whisperbox

    • [] Zephez: elytra*

      [] Zephez: no extra allowed, but flying Redstone/slime block machines will be possible and I intend to make a little in game tutorial for that

      [] Zephez: this is not your typical sky block, it's also going to be competitive and involves visiting other islands for supplies

      [] silverligth3: But skyblock is nothing more than 30 blocks

      [] Demicol: That's already been done. It's the pasting of the content in it that sucks.

      [] silverligth3: Wouldn't making a new world with nothing in it be easier?

      [] Zephez: I'm basically building an entire Skyblock map by pasting some islands in here and there... a few hundred thousand.. maybe a million or so blocks at once ;*

      [] DylanHardwell: oh come one zeph! again?!

      [] silverligth3: zeph plz

      [] Zephez: Sorry for the crash guys, restarting the server

      [] Demicol: yes

      [] pow_wow: server updated?

      [] Demicol: Vote on the event poll. Would be a boring team event with 4 player teams.

      [] elfizwei: banned him

      [] Kalle: Svenniboy is back as 00luki


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