• Whisperbox

    • [] Appelsin: Sounds likes someone wants to stay perma banned

      [] CONVICS: no answer? that tells alot bout you ^^

      [] CONVICS: and if i were that wouldnt give me a perm ban ^^

      [] CONVICS: "disrespectful" "annoying" to who? to you? and ? everybody knows you hate me and i hate you so?

      [] DAMTHE1st: I wrote you an explantion in your banreason feel free to read it.

      [] CONVICS: i wont make an appeal for doing nothing XP

      [] DAMTHE1st: your ban is a perm ban. appeal in the banappeal section and I will see what I can do.

      [] CONVICS: i got banned for saying nyaa is this a perm ban? and the hell!

      [] StickyEagle: I'll help you, hold on.

      [] Bloodpuppy007: i got killed by an infernal in there and i cant get my stuff back

      [] Bloodpuppy007: Dam can you come back on and bring be back to your base?

      [] Vittek: umm very recently. I think like 3 weeks ago?

      [] __Loading__: IM on vacation rn, once im back (jul 19) ill be very active

      [] Demicol: Didn't they just reset? like few months ago?

      [] Barlennan: when will the next nether and end reset be?

      [] TheRoyalElite: :( Same with me. I got a new future awaiting for me irl concerning my education and some other things so I wont be on as much. I will probably log on once a week to see whats up.

      [] Zephez: I'm not going to be playing on Swisscraft for awhile, not sure when I'll be back. Take care guys.

      [] noienoah: be back in a week

      [] StickyEagle: I might buy some Assetto Corsa DLCs this sale.

      [] StickyEagle: Thumbs up, CS:GO and Apex are both nice!


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