• Whisperbox

    • [] Zephez: media.discordapp.net/attachmen….png?width=681&height=384

      [] Zephez: Win prizes in skyblocks and normal survival as you complete each level of the quest book^^^^^

      [] 0Julius_Caesar0: RIP Net Neutrality

      [] Qwentenhal: Happy 15th of December everyone! Woot, we made it!

      [] Zephez: thanks! medical ethics philosophy was a tough class!

      [] DAMTHE1st: Grats zeph, i knew you'd make it:)

      [] eldorr: Hello guys, how is everyone?

      [] Zephez: got 90% on my final :D feels good to have less obligations for awhile

      [] Zephez: Taking my final exam tonight, and that's it for me til January :D


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