• Whisperbox

    • [] Zephez: I'm not going to be playing on Swisscraft for awhile, not sure when I'll be back. Take care guys.

      [] noienoah: be back in a week

      [] StickyEagle: I might buy some Assetto Corsa DLCs this sale.

      [] StickyEagle: Thumbs up, CS:GO and Apex are both nice!

      [] noienoah: So far I've bought Apex DLC for Arma and CS:GO

      [] Demicol: It never works when sale starts, also don't buy anything in the first like 30-60 minutes, most stuff probably isn't properly on sale at the time.

      [] noienoah: Now it works

      [] noienoah: I got $40 ready but the friggin store is down.

      [] noienoah: Is there something wrong with Arma 3 and Rust?

      [] Demicol: Maybe you can buy and play some better games Noie!

      [] Zephez: I wish I knew where to get more of that coffee, my friend brought it back from Mexico in a cloth bag so Idk who makes/sells it ;(

      [] noienoah: Summer sale starts tomorrow :D

      [] StickyEagle: Please send me some of your coffee, I have lots of homework to do :3

      [] silverligth3: Sounds like Adderall

      [] elfizwei: Sounds like the coffee of my dreams :3

      [] Zephez: Drank some coffee from Mexico around 5pm yesterday, been awake ever since. I got 3 days of homework done in one night xD

      [] TheRoyalElite: My school ends in a week and a half. Kinda sad tbh. Won't be seeing some ppl


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