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Onion Express Railway Mark.2 - Branch off to your builds!

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Tuzz3r Here

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  • New

    West rail for the improved railway from spawn is now open, more to come soon.
    Only the middle of the station is protected, you're free to create a rail line going wherever you want from any of the stations at the open spots on the edges, just mark it with a sign telling everyone where it goes!
    Feel free to advertise in this tread from which station they go from and to where

    You can enter it from under the spawn, turn around at the /spawn point and go inside the building to find it.
  • Every first Saturday of a month (so for example March 3rd) a chosen town will have chance to fight for the Dragon Egg. We will spawn multiple dragons for you to fight to make it harder.

    How this is gonna work:
    • Your town will choose a team of maximum of 4 players
    • Each town's team will fight in a "tournament" until one team is victorious.
    • If your town does not have 4 people you can recruit someone from your nation.
    • Matches can be held whenever 2 teams are online at the same time in whatever way they agree to.
    • If you win you will be matched up against another team, until all towns have participated. If you lose you're out until next month.
    • This same chosen team will go to fight the dragon(s). If they lose, the next team will have their chance.
    • Successful winners will be added to a hall of fame board at spawn.

    Any questions, comments or suggestions?

    You may post your teams in this thread: Dragon Raid team signup thread
  • It has come to my attention that people are finding loopholes to get around teleportation cool downs. We have a very clear rule that is against using loopholes for your advantage. You can all take this as a warning. If you are found to be doing this you will be banned. There are a lot of new changes going on right now and it would be preferred if everyone helped with issues rather than using them.
  • Celebrating the new launch let's have a nice chill event:

    A Screenshot Contest!

    • 1 Entry per person, if you take a better picture after already submitting one don't worry, just submit a new one say which one you want to enter with.
    • Only screenshots taken on the new map count
    • Screenshot can be of anything, a funny moment, cool scenery and so on.
    • Public vote for the winners, top 3-5 (depends how many people join) will win some money or blocks of their choice
    Simply post your screenshot in this thread to enter, the deadline is next Sunday on the 28th

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