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Sticky New Swisscraft Feedback thread

Demicol - - Wishes & Feedback
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Sticky Post here if you need to be promoted on the forums

Demicol - - Rank Request
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[EVENT] Screenshot Contest!

Demicol - - News
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Elder Request Marcolilo

marcolilo - - Elder Request

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Sticky List of new features and changes *Important*

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  • New

    Celebrating the new launch let's have a nice chill event:

    A Screenshot Contest!

    • 1 Entry per person, if you take a better picture after already submitting one don't worry, just submit a new one say which one you want to enter with.
    • Only screenshots taken on the new map count
    • Screenshot can be of anything, a funny moment, cool scenery and so on.
    • Public vote for the winners, top 3-5 (depends how many people join) will win some money or blocks of their choice
    Simply post your screenshot in this thread to enter, the deadline is next Sunday on the 28th
  • New

    Please have a look at this so you're not confused by things working differently:

    We are using a custom map generation that is more taxing on the server than the regular one, as such lag spikes are to be accepted during the early rush as people explore the terrain.

    - /Home has a 30 minute cooldown, meaning you can use it once every 30 minutes.
    - - To help with this, you can craft Chimera Wings with 5 feathers in a crafting bench. The chimera wing will teleport you to the last bed you slept at and has a 4 minute cooldown
    - - - The chimera wing cannot be used underground
    - /tpa, /tpahere
    and /ptp have a 8 minute cooldown
    /spawn and /town spawn have a 2 minute cooldown
    (times maybe adjusted based on feedback) This is so every "movable" spawn point is on a long cooldown but you can still teleport to fixed spots on the map frequently

    The entire fishing system has been replaced with the "Dream Fish" plugin. Watch this thread for an explanation on how it…
  • New

    Hello Everyone!
    We hope the start of your year has been a good one! Your dedicated Swisscraft staff have been working diligently to relaunch Swisscraft for your playing enjoyment!
    We will be re-opening the server on Monday or the latest at Tuesday.

    Many of your favorite vanilla features will remain unchanged, with the addition of new features which we will be observing for quality control. With staff now having access to the server files, we now have the ability to fix bugs and make changes to improve gameplay as a team.

    What this means is that for the next map we will be testing for bugs and developing solutions to problems as a team. Your items/money/stats may be reset as we may need to do balance changes to items or the economy.
    Changes to how we run the server include increasing participation in the development and building of Swisscraft as a server. After configuring our current plugins and making adjustments to the new additions, we want everyone to know your feedback is…
  • So what's new?
    We have a dedicated development team now! No longer will we have to make do with outdated configs, wait for updates and fixes and suffer from player exploits!

    A whole new world!
    The way the world works is different! A long with the return of the outlands comes a new section! An extension to the spawn in which acclaimed builders can build, where community minigames and activities will be present in peace from pvp.
    The land has formed differently, with new biomes emerging, custom structures and realistic snow mechanics!

    Towns will be able to make interesting purchases!
    Including NPC's who can be trained as guards, citizens or even the town drunk!
    Contractors can be hired to construct pathways between neighboring towns for varying prices, these pathways may attract the attention of traders, NPC Bandits or Potential victims!

    Fishing has long been a boring tedious task!
    There is now a whole new fishing mechanic, along with unique fish, items and bait! Fish will be…
  • Hey guys.
    First of all let me thank you all for the feedback I have gotten, be it in the forum or the plenty of emails and PMs I have gotten.
    And thanks for the Host suggestions as that actually made me found a good new host that seems pretty good so far. What this means is that SC will be back after a short hiatus.
    And we're gonna up the ante by a bit, we now have a entire team of people besides me working on the server, we will provide a whole new experience, a custum worldGen that will give you a much better world to explore and build on, along that, we will add NPCs, Minigames and whatever the hell we can think of. The whole Server wil be completely reworked.
    So look forward to that, I will announce it here once the Server is ready. It's gonna take a week or so, depending how things go as we are not rushing, but the server is already running and the cores are in place.
    I hope to see you on the new server once it launches and remember.. the sheep god sees it all.

    Download link for…

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