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  • I've "hidden" 25 chests around the map, between spawn and the outlands border (you get a message saying entering outlands)
    I tried to pick spots that are easily recognizable either from exploring or dynmap.

    You can find hint images for HALF of them by clicking here (pictures are not in any kind of order)
    The chest are hidden in pairs, so for each hint there is another chest somewhere nearby for a total of 25.

    You are allowed to share locations or coordinates of the hint chests in this thread if you find them.

    Each chest contains a book numbered from 1 to 25, depending on how many you find you will receive different prizes.
    Please only take one of each book per chest.

    Event will run until it runs out of books or nobody is doing it anymore.
  • Many of you know that the most recent map has had some issues. We want to update you on what is going on, and get your opinions. Shortly after arne reported the inv loss bug, I shutdown the server and was unable to restart it. After talking so support we realized that spigot was gone for whatever reason. Demi then downloaded a new one only to realize that all other files were gone as well. We do have a backup but it is from over a month ago. We were able to restore a lot, but everything that was built during the time that coreprotect was down is lost forever. We are thinking it would be best to start a new map rather than starting over with a half missing one. I know this map was awesome but keep in mind that it was a tester. We can also take the time to fix some of the issues.
  • Building event starting on Saturday:
    Build by yourself or with a team of friends, no split teams this time.
    Theme to be determined.
    Vote if you want creative or survival building.

    I'll do UHC "matches" on Saturday whenever there's people online. I'll try to set it up so mods/admins can run it easily as well.
    For those not aware this is basically a PvP match where everyone is spread out into the world (fresh map) and you will have to mine/find gear and there is no health regen.
  • Brought to you by DylanHardwell and Zephez: The Mob Arena!

    Fight waves of mobs in a series of rounds to reach tougher bosses for $chnibbles and bragging rights! You can choose from 8 different classes, some of which are in development and may not yet work as intended (Chemist and Oddjob for example are still undergoing development).
    • It costs $50 to enter the mob arena.
    • To enter the lobby, type: /ma join
    • You will begin in the lobby where you can chose the class you wish to play, click an iron block to ready up for combat.
    • Once all players who have joined are ready, the first round will begin.
    • The prize is $25 per round.
    • Go solo or gather a team to fight the mobs together!
    Good fortune to you Gladiator, the brave do not fear the grave!

  • West rail for the improved railway from spawn is now open, more to come soon.
    Only the middle of the station is protected, you're free to create a rail line going wherever you want from any of the stations at the open spots on the edges, just mark it with a sign telling everyone where it goes!
    Feel free to advertise in this tread from which station they go from and to where

    You can enter it from under the spawn, turn around at the /spawn point and go inside the building to find it.

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