• Whisperbox

    • [] Vittek: Wehaving some problems with the world gen plugin.

      [] TheDarkRazer: OK

      [] Vittek: Tomorrow the IP should be replaced with the swisscraft.eu domain

      [] Vittek: <-- dynmap

      [] Demicol: We're live. use this IP to connect to the server If you need to be ranked turn around once you spawn and go get your rank, just dont lie about it!

      [] pow_wow: get on discord you dingle dongers

      [] Vittek: Also for those asking for map 7.. here it is: 4gb download drive.google.com/open?id=1JF0mrWYqmvcigBi354lwtyLh01IifhSn

      [] Vittek: It will open for beta in 2 hours

      [] pow_wow: is the server public now or?

      [] Barlennan: Yeah

      [] Swoden: What is with the download map for Map 7?

      [] Vittek: Stav thank you alot for your donation!

      [] Zephez: :o Is that a wild Barlennan? Gonna play again Barl?

      [] Barlennan: Its back! (or at least a rough time has been set)

      [] Demicol: Sheeplord please grace us on the Discord when you can

      [] silverligth3: Soon™

      [] Vittek: If all goes well really soon.

      [] Barlennan: does that mean that swisscraft will be back sooner or later

      [] Demicol: Hey VIttek, haven't seen you on the discord in a few days, could use your help

      [] Not Caesar: We all are


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