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    • [] Nobody: nvm if ixed it

      [] Nobody: i accidently deleted a sign to teleport back to spawn in the summer build area. sorry about that

      [] Not Caesar: Revived*

      [] Not Caesar: I'm just kind of doubtful that this can be received. Every time I log on nobody is there.

      [] Not Caesar: Do any of you think that the new update/map reset will bring back players?

      [] Demicol: He can do the quiz to get quest rank until someone gets to him, if need be

      [] Dr_McFly: Can someone plz promote lamen_jincols in game? He should be a vet rank but hasn't logged in for a couple maps

      [] Zephez: Elfizwei, Goldentank, and I invaded the Netherlands and we hijacked Dylan to show us around :D First international SwissCraft gathering, the first Swisscon!

      [] Zephez: So... what DO you get when you cross a Murican chick, a German lady, a British man, and a Dutch man? cdn.discordapp.com/attachments…61375651870/Swisscon1.png

      [] Vittek: Ol

      [] Demicol: Vittek can you get on Discord please, we need to talk about the new update

      [] Zephez: ...is bad at telling jokes....


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