• Whisperbox

    • [] Zephez: Currently having issues with the host, server should be running again when we can get it resolved

      [] Vittek: Should be fixed now

      [] Barlennan: Still can't connect...

      [] Barlennan: :(

      [] Barlennan: What even is the cause of this? D:

      [] Barlennan: It's happening again and again. Please fix it asap... I get on for like 2 minutes and the server crashes and I can't get back on it for an hour

      [] Not Caesar: Did the server just crash?

      [] Vittek: drive.google.com/open?id=12CKrk-V9zyoP9fHE2BUrWU9jG76TLQSr

      [] Swoden: Is it possible to get map 7 for download? The last thing you uploaded wasn't map 7. It was Map 6 or so.


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