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  • Vote for the winner!

    Some screenshots bellow and you can go check it out on the server yourself.
    • 2017-11-06_19.11.43.png

      1.92 MB, 1,920×1,028, viewed 5 times
    • 2017-11-06_19.12.22.png

      1.85 MB, 1,920×1,028, viewed 5 times
    • 2017-11-06_19.12.32.png

      2.39 MB, 1,920×1,028, viewed 4 times
    • 2017-11-06_19.12.46.png

      2.82 MB, 1,920×1,028, viewed 4 times
    • 2017-11-06_19.12.56.png

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    • 2017-11-06_19.13.14.png

      2.63 MB, 1,920×1,028, viewed 4 times
    • 2017-11-06_19.13.22.png

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    • 2017-11-06_19.13.34.png

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    • 2017-11-06_19.13.38.png

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    • 2017-11-06_19.13.55.png

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  • I decided to go with the first area above, here's a screenie of the first build. You may recognize my inspiration :D
    • 2017-09-23_23.07.07.png

      625.52 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 4 times
    • FFVIII_Leg_Stamp.png

      318.73 kB, 640×480, viewed 6 times
  • Woop woop!
    Been looking for good places to start a city, there's this spot at about 600x 63y 80z with a big, mostly flat, area that I found (there's also a village nearby that we could incorporate or destroy). Also found a cecently large desert which could work, not sure what biome you guys want.
    • 2017-09-23_06.39.05.png

      934.2 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 9 times
    • 2017-09-23_06.39.17.png

      675.8 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 3 times
    • 2017-09-23_06.39.30.png

      701.72 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 2 times
    • 2017-09-23_06.39.42.png

      624.77 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 3 times
    • 2017-09-23_07.02.05.png

      779.62 kB, 1,024×768, viewed 6 times
  • I have set up a Team Build event.

    Theme: City
    Mode: Creative



    Not sure if the people who voted for the destroy event will join so I've put them as "?". It's 3 person teams sadly otherwise so hope everyone joins.

    Find a spot for your team to build on and mark it obviously somehow or show me where it is (or mods make a warp). Don't go too far away from the spawn though.
    Any griefer will be banned from the event and tempbanned for a week, though only the people who voted can build for now, ask a mod/admin if you want to join.

    I'll unveil the teleporter tomorrow morning.

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