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  • If you participated in the contest, you win a prize! We also have our top 3 winners who will get an additional prize box.
    First place goes to Katharsis0!
    Second place goes to Elfi!
    Dam and I are tied for 3rd, but I withdraw from the contest, so Dam wins it!

    Congratulations everyone! I'll attempt to put your prize at your home, I'll mail you in-game if I couldn't find a place to put it for you.
  • More screenies!
    • kribbletmcgamer.png

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    • lewistipp.png

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    • mechcreeper.png

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    • shadowhunter11go.png

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    • ubbaz.png

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    • zephez.png

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  • Screenies!
    • atomicbull.png

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    • creater117YTnub.png

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    • dam.png

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    • elfi.png

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    • ikill2.png

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    • katharsis.png

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  • The pumpkin carving contest is now at an end, so it's time to vote!
    I'll post screenies of the pumpkins, but if you really want the full effect, go there yourself and look (there's KribbletMcPumpkin with a pressure plate at spawn to teleport to the event world).
    Great job and thanks to all involved! There's so many awesome pumpkins and artwork :D
    • halloweenevent.png

      2.71 MB, 1,920×1,080, viewed 5 times
  • User Avatar

    Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event! VOTE NOW :D


    In the Halloween spirit, staff members have opened a new creative world where you can build a pumpkin as part of a contest. Prizes to be decided upon, there will be prizes for participation as well as for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. To enter the contest, just go to spawn and find the pressure plate in front of KribbletMcPumpkin. Have fun, and Happy Halloween!
    • 2017-10-14_15.28.54.png

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    • 2017-10-14_15.22.26.png

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    • 2017-10-14_15.21.54.png

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