vet request

    vet request

    Hey guys i want a veteran because iv been playing along time. I really like to help people that's one reason why i want to be veteran because i like to be nice and fun. I'm looking foreword to be veteran and seeing you there at swisscraft. One of my eagerly reasons is because well everyone likes mine craft and its fun role playing and i like to be a good roll model for other guest's and i hope you like this. Well I'm looking foreword now i hope this makes it clear now.

    MaddieCarrot wrote:

    Demicol wrote:

    After these conditions have been met I will consider:

    1)Your spelling contains at least capital letters, commas and no abbreviations.
    2)It is formatted to look like the example post on top of the Rank Request forum.
    3)It is posted on the Rank Request section.

    Closed, do not post again until all conditions have been met.
    Seeing as you apparently cant read. Go HERE and make a request in EXACTLY the same format as that one or you will keep being denied.
    For Gods sake, START doing it properly, READ the page and READ what Demi said. I'm sorry but we wont bother with it if you dot start doing it properly. This is your 3rd or 4th post you really need to read the page and take some time to do it right.

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