Za realllllllllly latte intoducshun

      Za realllllllllly latte intoducshun

      Hallo. My name is TNTuser2002. My real name is TNTuser2002.(yah stalker) I live in a home. I was born in a hospital. I love turtles. My tongue can touch my nose. APPLEFTW! I hate people who hate turtles. I know how to program sorta in JavaScript and Python. I play minecraft. My favorite youtubers are Mumbo Jumbo and sethbling(1.5 mil!!!) I love dis server. We have too many eggs. I don't know why I'm typing this long. I suck at art. I paid for MC. I found minecraft by a friend. I found SC by a friend. I am friends IRL with awesomeguy199, SmoothBUTR, destroyer85689(banned >:)), cooler1954, archerhunter123, and yoshistripes. Dish server is awesome. Hi! That's all. Sry for wasting ur time! I did that on purpose. Hi! Hi! Hi!




      why is this long


      turtle :facepalm: :ugh:
      UltraChrome(destroyer85689) hacked lol
      Don't judge me on my present.

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