Minecraft and BurningBoard 4.* (WCF 2.*)

      Minecraft and BurningBoard 4.* (WCF 2.*)

      Hi everyone !

      I'm currently creating a server (whose address won't be broadcasted, for advertising reasons), and I'm using BurningBoard 4.0.8 (and will update to 4.1 when it's out) as a community forum.

      I created a simple yet powerful plugin for all minecraft versions, that allow players to VERIFY their minecraft userID on the forum.

      Simple : at registration, it asks for a code, that is only accessible on the server, using the /forumcode command.

      Users just can't go through the next registration process without having a real code. This works really great, and disables the need for email activation and re-captcha, since the code isn't accessible without being logged in minecraft !

      If you want this plugin, I'd be pleased to share it with you. Also I'm currently working on a simple playerlist for the forum, and also a donation plugin, minecraft-side, using CWaltz's donation plugin for the forum and user groups. Will tell you about this later, when it's actually done.

      Interested ?

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      Demicol wrote:

      Not to be rude, but why exactly did you decide to "offer"/post this on our forums specifically? Have you made similar posts anywhere else?

      It's okay, you don't know me, for all you know I could be a filthy haxxor who tries to ruin everybody's computers :P

      I was looking for other MC servers using burningboard, and you can believe me there are very few. In fact I only found this one. Since I won't be switching to anything else, I wanted to know if there was some demand on plugins, or if I was the only one looking for these features. Also, since I'm also swiss, why not help each other ?

      The plugins I make would be 100% open source, to remove any doubt, and commented enough to understand what happens where.

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