Spawn clean up! What you need to know.

    Spawn clean up! What you need to know.

    WARNING! Read this!

    We're preparing for the new spawn/bukkit/sponge update!
    For this we need more space around the spawn.
    We've marked out a 100*100 red line. Any building inbetween that will
    be removed in 2 weeks!!! So you have 2 weeks to remove your buildings!
    This will not mean you can build right outside it again! The Spawn zone will
    increase later to and than you have to move your house again!

    NEED MORE INFORMATION? CONTACT A ADMIN/MOD (Preferably Show_House or Burnthippie which set this up.) INGAME OR SEND HIM/HER A MESSAGE.

    TL;DR (Too long; Didn't read)

    In 2 weeks EVERY spawn house will be removed in between the 100*100 red line!!!
    So remove your spawn house in 2 weeks from today!
    The 100*100 redline will extend later on again!
    So don't build right outside it again since you would have to move it again!

    (My grammar not correct, please correct me =P)

    hugohv71 wrote:

    plz my hart has broke

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    My house and fort were built far away from spawn and were not in the zone. If you expand the spawn zone again I WILL NOT move them as they were there first and were zoned before the expansion. It is too late to ask people not to build in an area when it has been settled. I will take major issue if you remove my builds that are zoned and clearly outside of the spawn zone.
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    Would be easier to move the spawn to a empty area instead. Then people can keep their house but have to deal with the fact that it is not so close to spawn for their PvP needs. Just a thought:)

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