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      I want to revive this thread if only for this:

      Apparently ghost stories was so terrible they told the american voice actors the could do whatever they wanted.
      Like, some of the voice actors are actually highly regarded professionals.

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      Wanted to recommend "Your Lie in April" to anyone who hasn't seen it. It's a romance story with drama and classical music mixed it.
      It can get tiring in my opinion, as it spends a lot of time developing the characters' personal dilemma when i really want the story to continue, and the story goes into a different direction in the second part as well. Nevertheless it was still a very enjoyable show.

      I saw FLCL was mentioned earlier? It's a 6 Episode OVA series that i consider a masterpiece. The story can seem weird and/or non-existant, and it will likely take you several re-watchings to understand it fully.
      The awesome music and general whackyness of it all should keep you entertained though.
      FLCL is also getting a remake(!), altough there's not much word yet as to when that comes out.

      That is all.

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      For me, if I start watching an anime, I feel obligated to see it to the end even if said anime turns into a steaming pile of crap. Because of this, I haven't watched any anime shows in a while. I'll just leave a good/meh/bad list of the stuff I've seen over the last couple of years.

      • Samurai Champloo (Obvious reasons. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you do.)
      • Mushishi (A very spiritual anime. The dub has a more somber tone than the sub so you'll have to listen to both and pick the one you'd like)
      • Summer Wars (Anime movie. Surprised me how much I enjoyed it. Definitely worth a watch.)
      • Death Note (I want to put this in the 'good' list, but 'meh feels more appropriate. If anyone who hasn't seen this anime watches it then they should also read the manga because, although they both have similar endings, the tones they set convey two different conclusions for the main character)
      • A letter to Momo (Anime movie. Slightly longer than it should have been, but worth a watch if you have time to kill)
      • RWBY (Not really an anime, but heavily influenced by anime. Story is subpar and very textbook until midway of season 3. Animation quality is awful season 1, but improves the next 2 seasons. Really, the main appeal of the show would be its amazing combat choreography, however, said choreography drops off (but does a slight recovery) in season 3, but this was to be expected (RIP Monty))
      • Last Exile (I wanted to like this show 'cuz of the steampunk premise and it did have a promising start, but I came to HATE every character of the show and wished they all died in a planetary-wide world-ending explosion.)
      • Moribito (The premise and beginning of the show was interesting, but it inevitably devolved into supernatural garbage where everyone had plot-armor and all had happy endings.)
      • Patema Inverted (Anime movie. Out of all the ways they could have created the conflict in the movie, they went with a one-dimensional, MUA-HA-HA villain. Combine that with grandiose 'reveal' music that cuts off into silence, the very predictable ending twist, and the giant plot-hole the story gives itself at the end
        Show Spoiler
        The elder guy for the actual non-inverted knew what was going on all along so why didn't he let his people know so they could live on the actual surface instead of underground? Makes no sense.
        , and your left with a pretty bad movie.)
      Avatar can be classified as an "Anime-like cartoon", as it isn't from Japan.
      The writing but also the fighting are drastically dufferent from "actual" anime

      And you probably haven't seen much anime if you think those 3 are the only good ones. ;)
      Why do you consider all anime to be garbage?

      That statement is similar in scale and generalisation to "All Movies are stupid". Anime is such a huge and diverse medium and like with every other medium ther are the good things and the bad things.
      Attack on Titan anime was a trainwreck, I hope they are better prepared for season 2

      Bigger image is the channel where it aired ~an hour before the rest of the country, during which they actually finished the episode (episode 5 spoilers)

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      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.

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