Languages and Disrespect

      Languages and Disrespect

      Alright it's time for someone to do something about it. In the last time there were a lot of fights on swisscraft and it annoys everyone. So for everyone, i know i'm only a vet that says something but it's still important, stop fighting for every little shit can't you just solve this problem like adults not like stupid little kids and only just swear at each other. Swisscraft isn't very big so please respect each other and don't put each other down. Just have a nice time here nobody likes to fight so don't ruin the fun of the people who are playing.

      Well this was the 1st topic i come to the 2nd one and it would be the languages. Aleadin(hopefully it's the right name sry if it's not), Dam and I discused about it ingame because of one friend of mine. He is a swiss habitant and he read the rules but he didnt respect them. And for some reason we came to the Theme of languages on swisscraft because the server used to have only swiss/german player and only a few from other countrys (mostly english). But now there are also a lot of sweden players (it's not really a problem everyone can play here) but the problem is some just rage about it if we for example talk swissgerman or german. So i said i would do this post and now i'm asking you for solutions maybe you would suggest something smart. This time don't fight because one of my threads got broken of this stupid fight and i don't want to happen it again.
      Hopefully it will end nice :D
      You spell my name wrong, but anyways it isnt important. Its important what u brought up here.
      Fact is we got a huge wave of Players from different Ost European countrys. The Problem is that those players disrespect our language sometimes and they build a camp with guys from their languages. It means that they flame together, be together on and on against the rest of SC.
      Actually we got much little chat wars all over the day.
      Also its annoying to read when they speak over mine name in swedish or else. Cause i know they are rude most time . Most guys of us cant understand such things.. google translate is often best way to understand a bit more of things they talk.

      Second point is that those guys always want to provocate and disrespects others. You cant get a good conversation with anyone of them. We need 1 Language to talk in ALL chat. In private chats they can do what they want in my Opinion. SC has actually two sides of Players: German/Swiss/English/American Guys vs Ost European Guys! Chat is most of time spammed by stupid guys, which are mad. want to provocate or telling lies above other ones!
      I am not OK with this Idea at all.
      We are not some socialist Regime, that forces players to talk the way we want them to. Most Players don't even understand English.

      No, the only we we can stop People from flaming, is as we have always done it. Mutes Tempbans and Warnings. As a Member of Staff, it is my Duty to make SC a place where everyone can have fun and play together in harmony.We have Staff members from all over the world, and at least one of them will understand people flaming in a foreign language.

      If you have Problems with someone, Screenshot it, and send it to a Staff member or Post it here on the forums.
      Maybe we could create a new Topic in "Help & Support" for these kinds of things?
      It surprises me how much these people just lead them self's on. For a moment or two it will actually be quite than one or the other will just say something to start it all back up again. Some of the shit these people say makes me physically face palm at how childish these players can be.
      Stop being toxic asshats. Any language is allowed on SC as long its polite. However I don't wanna see people bitching/taunting someone in a language that the others don't understand cause that's rude as fuck.

      If someone speaks a language you don't understand, just ignore it, no reason to get rilled up over it. And if you think they are being rude, screenshot it and post in forum.

      suschisalcwin wrote:

      because the server used to have only swiss/german player and only a few from other countrys (mostly english).

      I would just like to point out it's actually the exact opposite. The Swiss players have been a minority, only until recently have more Swiss people joined. In fact lot of times someone would join and be surprised we were talking in English and ask "Isn't this a Swiss server?".
      We have always allowed or even encouraged talking in your native language in the chat and I think that's one of the server strong points.

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.
      I respect all languages, my only problem is that swedish and norwegian kids whine so much... And the english is clearly the main language here, still the server is hosted by the great sheep above and (afaik) hosts it from switzerland:) so its still a swiss server:)
      I got much of my english knowledge from this server and it has helped me alot :)
      dont hate, apriciate!

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