Tobaspro and Jockepro10's Ban Appeal

    Tobaspro and Jockepro10's Ban Appeal

    Hi i got banned today

    The one who "ip-banned" me is: damthe1st

    He banned me with this reason: "x-ray appeal on forum"

    Why you should unban me: I don't really know why i got banned. I haven't used any kind of hacks on
    I came back to Swisscraft the 28th of January 2015. It was the first time i was here since the restart (a long time) so i deranked to "Regular".
    Now back to the subject!
    I have been mining some with my friends (Jockepro10 and philip2002) we found actually a lot of diamonds and gold, we did some random tunnels on some places, i found the most of the diamonds but no "x-ray" was involved
    I know that Jockepro10 (my friend that i was mining with) also got banned he had a silk touch pickaxe.
    I got a pretty good start and had a nice "floating island" and house. I've seen someone who is named "dam" in-game on the Swisscraft server, he didnt want to help me because i did the quiz and didn't know that i was going to get de-ranked to "Guest"
    "Dam" just said i was stupid, and then another Mod came in and "up-ranked" me back to "Regular". I don't really like "Dam" but i don't have to care about him.
    I really don't like to get banned for something i haven't done. Please un ban me and my friend Jockepro10, atleast i know that i didn't use "x-ray" :) :(

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