Tobaspro's Ban Appeal

    This is the first time he got banned on this map i suppsose? If it was the first time i Think he should get unbanned without any bigger punishments, Think he will learn he's lesson by being banned for all these Days. try to Always see the good side in ppl-Quote of Great V. If it's true that he is lying and try to make it look like jockepro10 did it i Think he should get like 1-2 week ban.

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    i've learned the hard way as u know, When u stand on the edge to never be able to play on swisscraft u will change and i can promise u that. im not saying that he shouldn't get punishment but that it don't need to be forever. Why not giving him a chance? And if he breaks the rules staff will ban him forever...

    Jockepro10 wrote:

    I dont hack I get the diamods of buying and tobaspro useing xray and a fortune III pick. Tobaspro find the Diamonds and i just take it xD.Im not a stupid hacker who try to lie to a Lovely server.....
    Im not hacking i have not hacks kalle im not lying. I say to tobaspro that i maybe gonna download it but i wont do it. For i afther some time of Thinking i dont do it and later i dont wanna be banned becouse i have already be banned from this server and i dont wanna be it again so i don download it you can delite 23 of my Diamonds thats what i got when tobaspro and i mining and he use xray. I dont lie Kalle. Im not use hacks what are you not understand with that "Im not useing hacks" ???????

    You say that u maybe gonna download it but u wont do it? Dafuq are u talkin? You should get 0 dias back or anything if u get another chance. And if u get banned before like u telled too, I dont understand why he should get another chance. For me you are devious and a stupid liar. Your arguments make no sense, always the same guano in the last posts. You push all your debt on Tobaspro, im pretty sure he used XRay..but the important thing he did is , that he telled the truth in my Opinion. You Jocke are a Liar all over in the first posts you wrote.
    I cant understand how the Staff could believe u and give u maybe another Chance.

    Im sure if some other guys (me included) had done this shit, we wouldnt get unbanned. Always doing like a dog and look sweet works ... im so sorry.. i did something wrong my bad.. so sorry. Next time same guano.. so sorry... will never happen again..sorry.

    Did u Guys believe this guano any longer(A part of the Community for sure not)? Its really strange how negligently things get done here.

    ps.: i have to admit.. You betray ur own Mate/friend to get unbanned aswell. I would be ashamed to do such things.

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    Demicol wrote:

    We talked about this and we think we will unban you, but make some special rules for you like we did for HODL. It might not be the tube, but something else. Once it has been set up, you will be unbanned, I believe is what we came up with.

    this Erik?! He isnt unbanned atm thats true. I dont want to play on a Server with ex Hackers or Guys which was involved in Hackers work. And thats the reason why im so massive against this Guy. You could never believe him again.. and most others wont do it also. Cause u always have in mind he could hack.. in every Situation.

    And btw Armed...telling me im like copbot, shows how stupid u are. I bring arguments for this situation in my posts..and didnt need to farm posts all over in the Forum or telling bullguano to get others on the Nervs. You should watch out how much posts get deleted from your side before you write anymore guano .

    Tobaspro and Jockepro will both be unbanned in 5 days. I've talked to jocke and he is extremely sorry. But let me get this straight, if we catch you doing anything illegal your next ban will be permanently. I expect a exemplary behavior from now on.

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