Tobaspro's Ban Appeal

    Tobaspro's Ban Appeal

    As is said i got banned yesterday and i admit it, i did use x-ray (twice actually :S once for my lil bro and once alone :thumbdown: ), i actually did it for my little brother he is new and wanted some diamonds. Jockepro10 was with me but he didnt hack i gave some diamonds to him but it was not so much.
    I just got a great start on the server and i promise it wont be happening again.

    I'm sorry :( ;( :S
    And Btw Jocke is not so innocent as he says.

    "Dam why you banned me my friend say to me go down here and you find something good and i go down I dont hack DAm you can check my computer add me on skype Joakim.2002 IM NOT A FUCKING HACKER"

    That was his post.

    I was the one that was using X-ray, i can admit it. But he said to me that he was going to get the hack, in this case "X-Ray" It was Jockepro10 that mined all the diamonds, it was Jockepro10 that said to me, "I think ima get X-Ray" but in swedish ofc. He wanted to go mining, i thought he also had the hack, i didnt have any diamond tools or something like that. He had a fortune pickaxe, i really don't like him blaming everything on me. So the "go down" thingy is not true and ofc u can check his computer somehow, but hurry before he removes everything that is called like "Nodus" "Hacks" and i know that he used a hack in the game Payday 2, he got a "Hacks" file on his computer. check it out.

    That was everything for me, i will probably not get unbanned because of Jockepro10's repitution on the Swisscraft community and my history when i got banned for hanging out with my other friend (not Jockepro10) he was hacking long time ago and someone that left the community after that banned both of us. I did atleast try to help Jockepro10 and get him unbanned tho but i don't really like his last post.

    Well if i don't stop typing now i will still be here when im 69 years old.
    I really liked this community! Keep up the good work ^^ Thats all for me. BYE!
    Sad thing you tried to lie at first. And im sure Dam saw the x-ray tunnels from both off you, and was fully aware of Jocke using it. Sadly jocke also try to lie. And im not a fan about Him being unbanned, since he hasnt admitted it(yet).
    Yes I've seen that Tobaspro, yet it was not me who decided to unban jocke. Maybe you should speak to V as well to get the other side of the story. From what Ive seen whilst going through your logs your story seems legit (Tobaspro had 7 Diamonds, while Jocke had over 43 Blocks of diamonds.) I will let V decide how to deal with you.
    Thanks for coming clean and being honest finally. I am okay with giving tobaspro 1 more chance after a 1-2 week ban. If you do get unbanned though, I would high advise you to stay away from your friends that hack because if you do get unbanned and get caught again you wont be unbanned again most likey.
    That i have to say it that I'm not a hacker i was a hacker for a long time but i stop when i got banned for the first time please V.
    Im not a hack dam just got wrong with my mine i always mine like that. And its right i Skype with tobaspro but i never say that I'm gonna download the hack. Tobaspro say to me download it. Its cool. But i don't think its cool to be banned for a lovely server. This is crazy i don't hack i promise everyone on the server. I did take the diamonds but i have buy like 20 of my diamonds from burnthippie.
    If you think I'm lying I don't do that. Ask jontesombygger or someone of my friends like Siggemoto and JonaeS999……..

    Please don't remove all my stuff its take so long to get it but you can remove the diamonds but not all please.
    All of those guys got hacks anyways. I think they share them under each other. The only thing is when they use it and when not.
    Its not only beeing Xray, im sure they got Nodus or / Resilence too. Tobaspro also admit that he knows about Jockes Nodus hack.
    I believe him, cause why he should lie? He knows he gets a permaban and didnt want to be blamed alone for this Situation.

    I would take care on it and spectate all of them. My Opinion isnt important, but i wouldnt give a Hacker which also lies a new Chance.
    Hackers should get removed from the Server, otherwise it isnt fair for the SC Community.
    And helping others @ X-Raying is for me the same guano. Cause he said Tobaspro is his friend and he knows that Tobaspro xrayed.
    They should get a permaban, maybe they will learn something from this.( I dont believe in it).
    I promise that this will never happen again. It was such a bad idea to download "X-Ray"

    If i get another chance. I wont ruin it!

    And Demicol i can totaly agree about ur opinion "Knowing someone hacks and not telling anyone is as bad as if you were hacking your self" thats why i said it.

    But in this case i was also hacking.

    Please can i get another chance.
    I would give Tobas maybe a last chance after some days bantime, cause he says the thruth I think.
    Mods schould spectate him and watch him out. But Jocke should get punished way harder( Perm maybe), cause he was involved and also tell lies here.
    It would be negligent to let him play like before here.
    In my Opinion it was Jockes idea to do such xray things, he needs those diamonds (also looted most Dias).
    And remember a guy which xrays , could have other hacks too. Maybe Tobas know something more, which he could tell about this.
    Omg why all Think im hacking ask Jontesombygger or jonaeS999 Im not a hacker i was a hacker a long time ago and thats know v but when i get banned its not be so fun so i did stop for i will just be banned over and over again and that not fun im not hacking Add me on skype and i can show you Joakim.2002
    We talked about this and we think we will unban you, but make some special rules for you like we did for HODL. It might not be the tube, but something else. Once it has been set up, you will be unbanned, I believe is what we came up with.

    copbot1001 wrote:

    DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.
    I dont hack I get the diamods of buying and tobaspro useing xray and a fortune III pick. Tobaspro find the Diamonds and i just take it xD.Im not a stupid hacker who try to lie to a Lovely server.....
    Im not hacking i have not hacks kalle im not lying. I say to tobaspro that i maybe gonna download it but i wont do it. For i afther some time of Thinking i dont do it and later i dont wanna be banned becouse i have already be banned from this server and i dont wanna be it again so i don download it you can delite 23 of my Diamonds thats what i got when tobaspro and i mining and he use xray. I dont lie Kalle. Im not use hacks what are you not understand with that "Im not useing hacks" ???????

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