Leaving on good terms

    Leaving on good terms

    Do you support the removal of my negative legacy? 32
      No (10) 31%
      Yes (22) 69%
    Basically, I'm going to university -13th September- and I don't intend to let myself get distracted with games and such things when I'm there.
    This means I'll be leaving swisscraft with small chance of returning to minecraft or gaming as a whole.
    It's been fun over the years, good times and bad times but, I came to realize this time.. I will be leaving of my own accord, This time... I Didn't spurge out and do something stupid.
    This time around I befriending new and old players and I feel I have worked hard on rebuilding my name.
    It is with this I leave a request, The demolition of my negative gravestone, I'd rather leave no legacy on swisscraft than to leave a bad one behind me, ultimately the choice is up the V I'd assume but I'd like to hear the communities opinion!
    Seriously, this place has been a lot of things but I have no regrets about becoming a member of this awesome little community.
    Long Live Swisscraft.
    I'll still have skype
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    Le Skype Name: Bog.Monster

    Farewell from the Golden Tank

    Vex wrote:

    Because I do not see you as worthy of the rank. This isn't personal.
    Swisscrafts Equivalent of the Eternal Genin

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    The amount of times you've left and returned I can't believe this will be the first time you choose to leave yourself, I understand I'm commenting on an old post you're likely not even reading, but damn golden, that just shows how mature we've all become.

    Good luck in university ~


    nvalerio wrote:

    Five have u tryed pressing command then press shift then press 3 it takes photo......

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