Osu! - A free rhythm/music game for PC/Mac

      Osu! - A free rhythm/music game for PC/Mac

      You might have seen some videos I posted in the youtube thread about this game or seen some people mention it in minecraft. I figured I'd make a thread to get some people hopefully interested.

      TL;DR: game is here osu.ppy.sh/

      The game is simple, circles appear on the screen, usually in time with the music of your song of choice, with another circle slowly closing in on them, you click the circle as they overlap, if there's a long stretchy thing instead you click then hold the mouse button and follow the path:

      You can play with a regular mouse using the mouse buttons or keyboard, or with a a drawing tablet and keyboard.

      Most of the songs are "anime"/Japanese but there's a fair amount of instrumental or English songs if the first ones aren't to your taste. At a rough guess there's probably around 10,000 songs available.

      The songs can go from Easy:

      to fairly challenging:

      to insane:

      and if you told me you were a robot, I would believe you:

      If you play feel free to link your profile so people can add you as friends, there's also a multiplayer where you play the song at the same time and see who gets a higher score.

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