Not a very warm welcome.

    Not a very warm welcome.

    So while I thought I might have found an interesting server to play on, within 12 hours I've been visited by a overly generous Enderman who while practically giving me a heart attack, left behind a stack of diamonds, it wasn't very much later that another visitor deprived me of them. That's something I can live with, but given that the paint isn't even dry on my first build, and I've already had to deal with thieves and murders it makes me wonder exactly what type of neighborhood I've moved into. Obviously one where I can't build in relative peace and quiet, while monsters are bad enough, the predation by other players going out of their way to ruin the experience isn't something I think I can live with, so I'm just going to move on. This is a server bereft of safety. This is particularly the case, when /dynmap hide doesn't work for me because I'm a guest. With Rule 3C, and 5 already broken by another player, and 3D used by myself in an attempt to escape assassination attempts unsuccessfully, I can't see staying in a lions den, where a stack of pixilated diamonds are worth more then a new players experience, in finding a friendly server to play on.

    ​Even if /dynmap hide were working, I no doubt will be subject to similar attacks in the future, because of the scale of the builds I had planned would be impossible to hide. Given that I cannot see of a way to remove the cross hairs off the back of my avatar, I think I'll just move on to a server more to my liking.

    Perhaps some thought should be made to making guests at least feel welcome.

    Attacking new players, and griefing is strictly against the rules. Do you remember the name of the people that killed you? There is a way of locking your chests which is /lock so that will at least protect your items. There are always asshole players that break the rules, and we do our best to compensate people for that. If you ever have issues on the server just ask what ever staff member online for help.

    As to who attacked me, it was a floating sword.

    So someone with an invisibility potion or perhaps a moderator joking around. I'm not judging someone for hacking my character to pieces, I acknowledge that I'm "fair game," but it makes it hard to attract players in this sort of server when they have to deal with sort of predation. Given that the environment is one where I'm going to be subject to constant ambush, I'd just as soon not play. There are only so many 'being pushed off a 60 block structure to my death' events I can take, and before I subject myself to an endless stream of them, I think I'll just throw in the towel.
    Again you are not fair game, killing someone within the first week is against the rules. I know who did it and he will be punished for it. It is a pvp server though, if you want to avoid pvp (which many people on the server do, including myself) I would build far away from spawn. If they grief your base to get to you and kill you they will be banned and your items will be replaced. If you are looking for a server that is free of pvp then Demicol is right in saying this server is not for you. I found your things and put them back in your chest. If you don't lock the chests I will not replace your items again, as looting is allowed if the owner has not locked his chests. Due to the plain assholeness of the rule-breaker I have replaced everything this time though.
    If you manage to hide from dynmap ask me to bring you to the edge of the map where you can build in peace. People wont walk 15K bloks to kill you. And i can provide you with a starter set of tools.
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