Ban Appeal

    To. :awesome: The Heads Of SwisscraftEU :awesome:

    As we all know, minecraft is known for mining and getting rich by minerals and materials. And I just so happened to become inspired by the such, and I decided to go mining. I was inspired to mine by getting a perfectly enchanted diamond pickaxe. i could not find any diamonds so i downlaoded a x ray pack And so my inventory was full of diamonds. xD And I was using my "xray" texture pack, was I using an xray "hack."why did i download the mod. But a fairly curious admin by the name of i do not know decided it would be of justice to put me to ban for an entire year. And if I may restate it, it is: "Freedom of speech." Therefore if you really want to take this seriously, that is unconstitutional. also when did i talk about the rules i fave been a a diffrent countre with no eletronics for a couple of weeks any way. i delited the MOD/HACH. i promis i will never do it again if i do you can ban me for ever i will sell my pig if i do it again. hope you under stand

    From :) ConledTheDuck :)
    xray is a pretty bad offence, and always results in a very long ban sometimes until the next map. You dont really seem to feel sorry for what you did at all, so i dont see a point in unbanning you anytime soon. No clue who banned you, but kudos to them. Also your friend pixel847 came online and gave us your message that you wrote through skype.

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