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      Runecraft tutorial and help

      If you need help with Runecraft, feel free to post here and someone who knows better will respond.

      For now here is how it works:

      If you have not used Runecraft yet:

      You MUST first build this:

      Build it exactly as show in the image, then right click the fire with your hand.

      After you have used the rune above:

      Now you should seen energy bar at the top of your screen, burn items in lava or fire to gain energy, this energy is used to use runes.
      Though at the moment it's so easy to get infinite energy don't worry about it too much, just burn some garbage,

      Building and using runes:

      CLICK HERE to see all the runes available.
      Click "show" next to the name of the rune to see how to build the one you want. Click on its name to see what it does and how to activate it. This usually requires some tool or item you click it with.

      If you see it say "tier block" then this block can be anything BUT NOT THESE:

      For some runes the higher tier the block is the better the effect of the rune. You can see all the tiers by CLICKING HERE
      Not all runes become better when using a higher tier blocks, check the rune you're going to use if you should use better tier, if not then just use cobblestone.

      Now my hoe has a rune in it I don't want it!

      Once you activate a rune it gets enchanted on your tool and you can give it to someone else or trade it and it will stay.
      To get rid of the enchantment in your tool (like farmer's charm in your hoe) use this rune:

      Write the name of the rune (should say on your tool) on the sign and right click it.

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.

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      Current list of BANNED RUNES

      Qwentenhal wrote:

      Here's a narrowed-down version of the list that removes clutter (old runes no longer active) as well as notes of effects and reasons why they're banned/going to be banned.

      ---Banned runes---

      - Creates a teleport point that allows for quick teleport with a tool
      * Escapes PvP

      Topsy Turvy
      - Flips radius around rune
      * Grief

      Zeerix Chest
      - Creates summonable chest/ender chest/trap chest

      Admin Pick
      - Breaks bedrock

      Altar of Judgement

      - Bans/unbans runes/players/blocks
      * Goldentank

      Magic Lasso
      - Pulls players/animals towards player and launches close players/animals skyward
      * AFK killer
      * Disabled by Developer to be redesigned

      - Shoots a volley of 6 arrows concentrated in a radius around the landing zone
      * PvP advantage

      Bow of Translocation
      - Warps player to location of arrow
      * Get into player's bases; escape PvP

      Siege Bow
      - Tnt explodes at location of arrow
      * Grief; PvP advantage

      Faith Runes
      - Takes the radius around rune and shoots it into the air to make sky island

      Personal Teleport
      - Creates a 1-use teleport to a waypoint
      * Escape PvP

      Truename Altar
      - Players can teleport to other players if they have their head
      * TP Kills

      Hell Maw
      - Temporarily opens up a 1x1 tunnel straight down to the void at arrow location
      * Grief; PvP advantage; Break into player bases

      Runic Radio
      - Allows players to message each other with the same rune signals

      Reality Master
      - Copies builds
      * steal builds

      Reality Anchor
      - Places the build copies
      * Grief

      - Grants temporary invulnerability after taking damage
      * PvP advantage

      Solar Flare
      - Destroys blocks in radius around rune
      * Grief

      Chrono Trigger
      - Controls time of day
      * Infinite Darkness; spamming day and night

      True Name
      - Make player heads

      - Creates 1-use item that prevents loss of gear when killed
      * Makes PvP pointless

      Freight Teleporter & waypoint.
      - Teleporter for items
      * Steal from chests

      All "Power *" runes
      - Power pic, hoe, drill
      * Too good combined with MCMM
      * Drill and Hoe might unbanned once possible.

      - Creates a radius around the rune that repels and pushes players away from it if they don't have the correct item in hand
      * Must be built with a tier 1 block on the bottom or else Runecraft doesn't recognize it as a rune

      Levitation Obelisk
      - Creates a radius around the rune that allows creative flight

      Spring Rune
      Allows jumping around (think rockets without elytra)

      ---List of runes that are bugged and/or don't work---

      Phantom Torch
      - Creates torch that follows player
      * Activates and enchants item but no torch


      - Creates pocket dimension
      * Disabled by Developer

      Creates boosters that send players flying in the direction its been set to.* Currently doesn't work properly, developer has promised to fix it.

      Diver's Helmet-
      Allows breathing underwater
      * Says it activated followed by "Aether does not recognize rune"

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      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.

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      You can destroy waypoints if they're near your property to prevent people teleporting to you and harrasing/killing you. Try not to destroy every random WP you find in the wild but I won't put it against you.
      You can place waypoints underground and they will teleport you up to the first free block (or at least it works with 1 layer of ground on top of it)

      copbot1001 wrote:

      DAMTHE1ST is continuing to use his admin powers to take away the civil liberties of players on this server.

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