Pickdeath2's "Deathcity" Spawn/City

      Pickdeath2's "Deathcity" Spawn/City

      Pickdeath2, day 4 of his being vet rank, has been working on a spawn/city build in meadows. IK "Deathcity" doesn't sound very nice, but really it's a nice place! It's quite impressive, with a large spawn area, portals, marketplace, garden, and eventually plans an industrial region on the outskirts of the area. I took some screenies with shaders on :D
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      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

      More pictures...
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      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

      Defiantly some good shaders, they really show it off to the fullest. The city is nowhere near finished though. Images 5 and 11 show a small bit of a future part of the build, a cylinder that is hollow and 2 blocks tall right now. It will NOT be a dome. The cylinder will be 10-20 blocks tall and on top of it will be the residential, industrial, and commercial zones. The images show the dead center of the city though as the progress on the 3 districts is zero.
      lol thanks Noie. This is mainly to update people on the city status. I have added a build by Vex and Load thanks to Elfi and Zephez help. The first is the Halls of Valor by Vex and the other is the Staff Merry Go Round by Load. Outside of some changes to the Hall (trees and plants as well as some better lighting in some areas) nothing has changed except the destruction of the Halls of Shame, which were NOT in the build we got a copy of and will need to be fully rebuilt by me or someone else. I am working on a Teleporter Hub (minus the actual rune patterns) as well and Zephez will be adding her Library finally to the build to avoid loss of books and Swisscraft history. The Cylinder wall is also finished and measures 15 blocks all around with the start of the separating walls for the 3 districts being 30. Overall, progress is advancing well :D
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      Yeah. The only way it could be even remotely used by the server is if it was used as an event or moved as a spawn to the next map... way to massive for anything else really and that's as it is right now. Its gonna be getting Kalle's Library soon since Kalle showed me it and said it would be ok to use.

      In other news, the Halls of Valor copy I got wasn't fully complete. It is now finished. It was missing some Quartz slabs and the edging was off in some spots. Also, the Halls of Shame that was destroyed and lost has been remade fully into a new version by me as I couldn't find any videos other than the Map 7 video. Because of that, the signs are from than so they may be off.
      • 2017-03-09_16.18.12.png

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      Update time! First is load's house, second is the LERT, the third is the Teleporter for Ruencraft, 4th is jail. Jail and LERT are a WIP. In other news, the radius was extended finally toady to a grand total of 300 blocks across, 130 more than the original 170. This is divided into 3 sections and soon, the first Skyscrapers, restaurants, and maybe even a mall will be added to the Commercial zone as factories and mansions are a bit harder to do for me. However, the area is flooded with lighting bugs that I have to go through by hand to fix so most of my time will be spent fixing these.
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      The first Skyscraper is done. It was made in dedication to the help Zephez has been with the city itself and the street it is on is also named after her with a fountain as thank you for helping since day one. The street named after her is the first street made, with the fountain and skyscraper also being the firsts of their type in the 3 districts. I have also named a street after Kalle and Loading, the maker of the Library and the new tree house respectively. The loading tree we made as a joke was turned into a monument for him as thanks. Vex and Elfie will also get streets, Vex for the Halls of Valor and Elfie for being the one to world edit in the Staff Go Round. After that, streets will be named randomly, some being players, others being references, and a few named after streets I know but none of the builds will resemble. Thanks everyone for the support with the city so far!
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      Well update time is here! The Nether Tower is completed as well as the Mob Tower making 2 builds themed after structures in the overworld and nether, strongholds and nether strongholds respectively. The End Tower is in work right now and is where things change dramatically between them as the tower will be hand made, not copy and pasted after a certain point. Death Restaurant is also finished and is a pretty nice place. I also have made a parking lot for boats and changed the roads to packed ice in order to allow fast traveling by vehicle through the city. First time in a while I have had 10 pics to show off too lol.
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