An open letter to Paif & Silver.

      An open letter to Paif & Silver.

      When I congratulated you, I hadn't seen the extent of your damage.
      I assumed you'd broken the bridge and destroyed what I built, maybe some defacing as this was a group project, I assumed you would have had a little respect for that and the others involved.
      What you didn't wasn't illegal, but it does make you both complete and utter dickheads, you took great joy in destroying somebodies work, went beyond destroying said work and defaced the whole of the end spawn.
      Not only did was this needless, but it extended past your intended target, your left the spawn a mess of destruction, which I mean, rule 9? The signs saying fuck off, the water spam, the randomly placed blocks, this was just.. embarrasing.
      I didn't expect this to last, I did expect to have to rebuild now and then, but what you have done is just be complete cocks for the sake of being complete cocks, and I thought I was immature :/ smh guys.
      PvP Is a bit of fun, a game within the game, clearly you take it too seriously and have no intention of playing around for fun and thrill, if this is how you wish to play in PvP, I'm not sure I want to be a part of that game.

      Again, I never expected the end spawn to last, but I didn't expect two long term players would be this petty and destructive for no real reason.
      Fuck you both.

      Vex wrote:

      Because I do not see you as worthy of the rank. This isn't personal.
      Swisscrafts Equivalent of the Eternal Genin
      Pictures of the end spawn after it was defaced. The entire bridge was something like 1000 blocks long.
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      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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      This is a dick move, honestly I expect better from a staff member. You can start rolling that shit back silver... The fuck you signs everywhere... Are you both like 10 years old? You guys fucked up the end for everyone btw not just goldentank

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      I have tried to refrain from posting on this thread, as my opinions as veteran are usually not valued, but since this is not a ban appeal, I'd like to state my opinion/view on this.
      Though at first it may seem as though they have not broken any rules, if you think about what they have done, they have. Here's rule five: "5. Do not act like a dick. Act mature and be polite. Raging on other players will get you in trouble." What they did was immature, impolite, and in my opinion, raging on other players. I do not believe a demotion is fair, nor do I even think a temp ban is necessary. I believe that at least they should publicly apologize to Goldentank for being a dick, the staff for wasting time with the rollback, and the server for the temporary inconvenience of the end being hard to navigate and defaced.
      I think that since this is a somewhat minor offense, some leniency must be practiced, but I still do believe there should be a consequence, at least an apology or jail time.
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      ​Banned? Griefed? Explain yourself in here. No matter if you got banned, complain about someone abusing the rules, or if your melons got stolen: Everything complaint related goes into this forum.

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