Never Complain to Restaurants

      Never Complain to Restaurants

      So There was a food item taken completely out of their menu and a few million Canadians were upset

      So I went and complained with an E-mail.

      Still unsure under which circumstances the whistle dog was discontinued A&W Canada claims due to the lack of sales it was discontinued. I mean instead of only serving to one of the few in the Ottawa Valley. I wasn't planning on driving to North Grenville every time I wanted one. I mean like you were slowly phasing it out not like you had lack of supplies and as if it was expensive to produce. I mean what you had to spend 10 cents on the dollar for a top cut bun and the dogs. Not like you didn't already have the cheese and bacon from other food items. And limited time maybe. Yeah cause I and 10 Million other Canadians are going to gorge on them for what a week or a month. Its not expensive to make them and its not hard to keep it on the menu. Like for the past few years its been off the menu. We had to specifically ask for one. Hell you could have kept it that way. I have no reason to keep going anymore. Ruining your Canadian customer base one food item at a time.

      Their Reply:
      Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding A&W discontinuing Whistle Dogs. Though we do appreciate that some of our guests will miss the Whistle Dog, the sales of Whistle Dogs in our restaurants did not warrant carrying the product any more. Keep your eye out, we might bring the Whistle Dog back as a limited time offer!

      Once again, we do regret to learn from your comments that you are unhappy with our decision, but we hope that you will continue to
      patronize our restaurants.

      - A&W

      My final reply:
      What was your market research? Like I said in the prior response it was removed from the menu years ago. The hot dog was still there. But the whistle dog was removed. Also like I said. They are cheap to make and had a high profit margin. Instead of having only burgers keep the hot dogs. Advertise them. My market knowledge might be from a course I took 4 years ago, but I still know who to listen to, listen to the people not the sales.

      Got no reply after that, but in reality. I know they have to go from sales, but don't complain its due to lack of sales. It honestly hadn't been on the menu for a few years. And was sad to see it go. Top cut bun dog split in two cheese bacon and relish. Delicious.

      Demicol wrote:

      hi im kinda new here too, i joined like 6 years ago or smth some weirdo named vittek invited me kinda
      I used to work in a grocery store, and i speak from experiance when i tell you, a customer complaining about the removel of a product is one of the worst things out there, because even tho the complaint will probably change nothing about the availability of the product, the complaint still has to be taken seriously and the customer service has to go through the pain of registering the complaint.

      so congratulations Rat! you officialy were a pain in someones backside :D

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