Un Ban

      I am sorry for that xray on the server, to be honest i really build myself to the items.
      But you know if you see some Diamonds you wont let them stay there. But i learned my lesson, and i am very sorry about it.A Friend wants to play with me on the server so i appel, unban please.
      And that with another guy on my account is true, but i am sorry for that he dident played on the server.
      soo, thats all i can say, hope i will get peace.

      Have a nice day :) :)

      Un ban ( continuation from above )


      Minecraft Name: Ermii

      Supporter who banned me: StickyEagle

      Why i was banned: Xray

      Why i shoud be unbanned: I wont use Xray again, i just learned my lesson and want to play again on the server. I am a really Social player, i am alot online and polite. I like the server, nice community and staff`s, and 1 Player more would play on the server.... :)

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