Ban Discussion

    Ban Discussion

    MC Name: CONVICS
    Who banned me: DAMTHE1st
    Why i got banned: Because i "annoyed" him
    Why i should be unbanned: A Perm Ban for saying Nyaa? Many Players know im using nyaa at the end of every sentence, I also used it when he was online.
    He telled me that it annoys him, I said I dont care when you dont like it then dont read it, after i used it again I got kicked with the kick explanation I quote: Nyaa up your ass.
    I joined again (of course) and asked why i got kicked the answer : another kick.
    I asked him after I rejoined :quote: What are you? a 10 year old? :quote:
    After telling me when i use Nyaa one more time i would take the consequences.
    My answer: Nyaa!!
    Im wondering if a Perm ban is justified for that? :P


    Little Note: we HATE eachother since the old map.

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