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      Pixel Art Contest

      Pixel Art Contest!
      Join the pixel art contest for a chance to get your art featured on the world border wall. Make a pixel art that is at maximum 60 blocks tall by 120 blocks wide and 1 block thick.
      I made the wall at first thinking only of functionality and not much of aesthetics, but with some work this might even be like a throwback to the old spawn with the huge pixel art walls. It can be so much more than just a wall, this is an opportunity for us to express some of our collective culture in the form of art.
      The current wall will have a mural eventually, and I would like to feature at least four pixel arts (one per side) by other artists. I'm working on pixel art for the border wall mural, and I have plans to wrap the entire wall with fighting dragons and clouds with holes for players to cross. The max size for a pixel art being about 60 blocks tall by 120 blocks wide and 1 block thick (if you need a little leeway on the size just ask me to take a look).
      Here is an example of the size and scale with my test mural (the ones I have planned will be slightly larger and more detailed).
      If you're wondering where I drew my inspiration from, some I got from Dragonball and "Snake Way" (which was a spirit path between heaven and hell or something like that, seemed appropriate), also Japanese dragon tapestries with the clouds.

      Note: Nothing obscene please ;D Pixel arts will be voted on by staff.
      Some ideas: Animals, mobs, mythical creatures, scenery, your favorite cartoon/anime/game characters, geometric shapes/patterns, anything you can think of!

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      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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