Ban appeal

      This doesn't feel very sincere, if I really wanted to come back, I'd put a little effort into my appeal, to me this looks sloppy and brash.
      'Griefing or something' --> I believe it was for Griefing, But I can't really remember.
      You're trying to convince us why we should let you back, it's not up to us to make up reasons to invite you back Nelo.

      Vex wrote:

      Because I do not see you as worthy of the rank. This isn't personal.
      Swisscrafts Equivalent of the Eternal Genin
      You griefed all over my town just last map, about 7 months ago or so. I remember you getting pretty aggressive about being confronted on the grief, not very cooperative with staff, and you were also insulting people. I gave you multiple chances to redeem yourself, even let you stay in the town, but you continued to grief so I kicked you from the town. That's when you began logging in with various accounts as I began banning each one and each time you became more verbally offensive.
      If it were up to me, I wouldn't let you rejoin, you don't seem to have much to offer as a player on our server.
      I'm surprised you don't remember me banning you, I banned you about 8 times xD
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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