Ban appeal after 1 year

      Ban appeal after 1 year

      Minecraft username: ConledTheDuck
      Who banned me: Unknown
      Why I got banned: Xray

      So. Its been a year. I've rethought the idea of hacking in the first place. I just want to play on the server, i dont care if you guys monitor me because i promise i wont hack no more. I love to play on your server with PiXEL847 aka skrubkilla and friends; i really want to play again.

      I recently got a server and it has become very successful. However many hackers have been playing on it and i now know what it is like when hackers just ruin your server.
      I REALLY do want to play again without hacks.

      People to unban: SKRUBKILLA And ConledTheDuck (me)

      Thank you.

      really do regret hacking...

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