Skins, what skin do you have and why?

      Skins, what skin do you have and why?

      Hey, I noticed that we don't have a thread for this, but I thought it might be an interesting topic.

      My skin is a Fallout 4 vault suit. I chose vault 81 because the story behind vault 81 is rather interesting and it was one of the few vaults that actually prospered because of failure. It's also a very challenging quest and forces you to either succeed or make a pretty big sacrifice. Before this skin, I had a fallout 3 vault 101 suit. Those are the only skins I've ever used regularly with my user Zephez, though I have used some joke skins here and there XD

      Looking forward to hearing about your skin(s)!

      Edit: I used Nova Skins to build my skin, but before that I just edited a premade vault suit skin.
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      From the PS1 game Parappa The Rapper.
      I'm a big fan of rhythm games and Parappa was the one that pretty much created the genre.

      I now have 3 different copies of the first game with the recent PS4 remaster :S
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      I've been using the same skin since I first started playing Minecraft, though I've made various updates and changes to it recently.

      I can't really take any credit for making my original skin since all I did back then was combine skin from an old texture pack (forgot what it was called) with a tabard and finished it off with a simple eyepatch and spaulders. Back then there were no easy-to-use program or website (that I was aware of) for creating skins and I really didn't want to spend a bunch of time in photoshop making it so I just cheated and called it good.

      The old skin stayed the same 'til last year when I came back to Minecraft and decided to updated my look with an overlay. It was an ugly mess. I decided to, again, cheat on the "design" by simply copying the tabard and placing it over the skin. Of course, I wasn't aware of the easy-to-use skin creation websites nor did I have access to photoshop on the computer I'm currently using, so I did the alterations completely with MS Paint. The result was a bulky looking skin with holes all over the overlay.

      I can honestly say the design I'm currently using was mostly created by me -with exception to the head minus the eyepatch- after using a skin designing website. The main body's design is a leather jerkin on top of full body chain mail while the overlay are spaulders and tabard with its colors switched to represent Swisscraft. I wanted to keep it true to the original design so I stayed with the medieval theme.
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      me and Vittek have the sheep champion/god skins cuz sheeps.

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