Sky Block Event/Challenge Planning

      Sky Block Event/Challenge Planning

      I want to present my skyblock event/challenge something like this, if anyone has ideas for any part of this please let me know so I can incorporate your idea/change things.
      Note the map is still under construction.
      Reaching Your Island
      At sky spawn, there will be a teleporter for each island which is locked for each player, you will be assigned an island by a moderator or admin. Waypoint/teleporters for the islands will be protected and you will not be able to use MCMMO in the Sky world.
      If no mod/admin is available in game, post a message on this thread (or on discord) with your IGN (in-game name) and the IGN of your partner if you will be working in a two-player team. I or another member of staff will set up an island for you/your team, you should be able to get some help from me within at most 24 hours. Your teleporter at Sky spawn will be marked with your name(s).
      Rules in Sky world apply similar as for The Outlands in addition to the Official Rules.
      Griefing is allowed in unprotected areas - Use of Chorus Fruit to enter bases/buildings is also allowed.
      Looting/raiding is allowed in unprotected areas.
      Killing wolves and owned animals is allowed.
      You get one protected region:
      Your island will be protected from grief with a region, but you will not be allowed to have any other protected regions in Sky world.
      No abuse of /lock: You can use /lock, but if you are found making anything from a locked box of doors/furnaces to hide in to entire bases out of locked items etc., the build will be removed and you will be disqualified from the contest.
      If you are found violating any rules, you will be disqualified from the contest. I’ll allow a chance to redeem yourself, but you will have to start a new island and forfeit any and all previous points gained.
      Prizes (Refer to “Challenges and Points” for how to gain points)
      Prizes are awarded after you have completed all challenges and achieved all points. If you wish to cash in your points early, you can withdraw from the event and your island will be reset. You will be allowed to have your island reset one time only.
      Note to staff: /warp PrizeRoom for prizes and point voucher books. Any member of staff can access point vouchers to place in player chests, but only mod/admins will be able to award final prize chests when the player has achieved all 100 points or has decided to withdraw from the event.
      100 Points - 1 Beacon and 164 iron blocks
      75 Points - 1 Each of these infernal drops: Bunny Charm, Totem of Life, Angel Soul, Sugar of Ianite, Lucky Coins, Guardian's Tooth.
      75 Points - 1 Set of Eliminator’s Armor, 1 diamond axe (Sharpness V)
      50 Points - 1 Set of protect IV diamond armor, 1 diamond axe (Sharpness V)
      30 Points - 1 Infernal drop of your choice (from what is available)
      15 Points - 1 Stack of any resource (NO ‘OP’/valuable items: beacons, ores, nether stars, elytra, totems, horse armors, infernal drops etc.)
      10 Points - 1 Diamond, 8 gold ingots, 16 iron ingots, 20 lapis ingots, 30 glowstone dust, 40 redstone dust
      1 Point - 1 Diamond
      Challenges and Points (Each challenge can be done for points one time only)
      Verify completion of challenges by posting a screenshot on this thread or by showing a member of staff the completed challenge in person, you must show your coordinates in the screenshot.
      Challenges can be completed anywhere in Sky world, except on an island owned by someone else. You should be able to complete all challenges without leaving your island cluster, as long as you don't lose anything non-replaceable.
      You can have one partner if you want to share an island, but you will have to split/share the prizes at the end.
      Helping other players is allowed, but you cannot trade or give your point vouchers away.
      Note for staff: Each player will have a chest at sky spawn for the point vouchers they have won, it should be marked with a sign bearing their name just like shop plots. The chests will be locked for staff members to access. Please place point vouchers into the chest so that there is a record of their receiving them. Point vouchers cannot be redeemed for prizes until the player has earned all 100 points possible or is deciding to withdraw from the event.

      1 Point challenges (4 points):
      • Make an infinite water source
      • Make a plot of at least 8x8 grass blocks
      • Make a flower garden which is fenced in with cobblestone walls or wood fence
      • Complete all 1 point challenges
      2 Point challenges (14 points):
      • Build a cobblestone generator
      • Build a chicken coop
      • Collect 16 eggs
      • Make a small lake for fishing, must be at least 8x8
      • Collect 1 of each fish (fish, salmon, pufferfish, clownfish)
      • Make 12 cookies
      • Complete all 2 point challenges
      3 Point Challenges (18 points):
      • Build a platform 30 blocks away from your main island for mobs to spawn
      • Craft 10 Snow golems and name them
      • Craft and display 10 paintings
      • Craft a full set of leather armor
      • Cook 10 fish, 10 steak, 10 chicken, and 10 porkchops
      • Complete all 3 point challenges
      4 Point Challenges(24 points):
      • Breed chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep until you have at least 4 each
      • Craft 12 of each color wool
      • Craft a full set of iron armor
      • Build an auto-farm of some sort
      • Collect 32 Rotten Flesh, 32 Bones, 32 Spider Eyes, and 32 Gunpowder
      • Complete all 4 point challenges
      5 Point Challenges (40 points):
      • Build a house, must have at minimum:
      1. Proper construction: 4 walls, 1 ceiling, 1 floor, 1 door, and 2 glass windows
      2. 1 Bed
      3. 1 Crafting table
      4. 1 Furnace
      5. 1 Chest
      • Construct a farm, must have:
      1. 1 of each tree (Oak, Dark Oak, Jungle, Spruce, Birch, and Acacia)
      2. Sugarcane
      3. Melons
      4. Pumpkins
      5. Both types of mushrooms
      • Construct a greenhouse, must have at minimum:
      1. Proper construction: at least 2 walls and the ceiling must be built of glass
      2. Wheat
      3. Potatoes
      4. Carrots
      5. Beets
      • Build a barn for livestock, must have at least 2 each:
      1. Chickens
      2. Cows
      3. Pigs
      4. Sheep
      • Craft 15 bookshelves and an enchantment table
      • Build a 15x15 pixel art
      • Build a functional flying machine (perhaps do this last as you may not be able to return to your island easily)
      • Complete all 5 point challenges
      Optional Challenge Prize Vouchers
      Prizes for these vouchers are only awarded if you have completed all challenges or are honorably withdrawing from the event with at least 75 points. These are optional challenges where you can earn specific prizes by doing specific stuff.
      “I Can Haz Fish?”: Collect 16 of each fish (fish, salmon, pufferfish, clownfish) – You win a "Fish" armor set, a "Drowned" armor set, and a fishing rod (Lure III, Unbreaking III).
      “Castle in the Sky”: Build a large medieval style castle, well-lit with torches and carpeted in the main halls (must take up at least 40x40 block space and have 2 floors minimum to qualify as “large”) – You win your castle to have pasted in a location of your choosing (within reason and judgement by the mod/admin pasting it), 1 set of King’s Armor (all protections level 3 on each diamond piece), 16 “Castle in the Sky” banners, 1 Excalibur sword.
      “Bob in the Clouds”: Build a “Bob” cactus at least 64 blocks in height – You win 16 “Bob in the Clouds” Banners, 1 stack of Cacti, and 1 Thorns III diamond chest piece.
      Notes to Staff
      Helping a player start their island (2 players per island maximum):
      • Begin by going to sky spawn with the player(s), chose one of the teleporters which is not already locked by another player, I will have locked all trap doors so that random people cannot join the event without some help setting up. Check the trapdoor with /cinfo and see who owns it.
      • On the chest next to the teleporter, place a new sign with the player(s) name(s). This chest will already be locked for staff access only, so there is no need to re-lock the chest.
      • Unlock the teleporter so that the player(s) can lock it and use the teleporter. Each teleporter goes to a different island.
      • Follow the player(s) to their new island and set up their region, all 8 corners of their area will be marked with bedrock for your convenience and so that all players get exactly the same size of protected space.
      Adding another player after one has started an island alone:
      Add the new player’s name to the sign for the island they are joining at Sky spawn.
      Go to the island, select the region, and redefine it with the new player added as a region owner.
      /region redefine RegionName owner1 owner2
      ***Mods/Admins: In the event that you need to replace an island for a player to start over: you will find that I will have made a schematic named “SkyIsland”, simply paste this schematic over their existing island (facing north, Y level of 78).

      Awarding the prizes (Mods/Admins):

      Players can only cash in their points vouchers for prizes when they have completed all challenges and achieved all points. /warp PrizeRoom
      for point vouchers and prizes.
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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      Shoutout to mods/admins, would be cool to have some help if you would like to terraform any islands, create dungeons or other features for the skyblock event/challenge. I'm happy to do this all myself, it will just likely take me months to complete.
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

      Coming soon: SkyBlocks World!

      I am currently in the process of making large islands which you will be able to travel to later in the challenge. The basic challenge is done and will be open soon for players who are regular+ to participate.
      Check out the screenies thus far:
      • 2017-11-29_19.29.41.png

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      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

      Pre-Join the Event!

      Want to play this map? Have team decided already? I'm hoping to have the basic map done by the 9th so if you know you want to join, let me know your in game name here or on discord and I will set up an island for you before I open the world. There are only 16 island clusters to start, so 16 players (or possibly 16 groups of 2) can play at once.
      "Doing nothing for others is the undoing of one's self" - Horace Mann

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