Ban appeal

      Minecraft username: ConledTheDuck
      Who banned me: I don't know
      Why I got banned:
      Why should I be unbanned:
      I was very confused after hours (on your server) of building I was surprised to know that I was banned when I did nothing, you guys and girls must of thort after skrubkilla x-ray I did but no. I realise you guys and girls will probably think I am lying from all I did in the past but please forget about that and thaik this appeal into some consideration

      thank you

      alright, im gonna break it to you.

      The reason you probably didnt add the "why i got banned" part is because the ingame reason is, and i quote, "xray, this was your last chance".
      Our staff, with NO ecception are as fair as possible to all our members. if someone added "this was your last chance" in your ban appeal we can be pretty sure that this isnt your first big offence.

      I dont know who banned you and since its 2 months ago it might have even been me and im sure the staffmember who banned you probably forgot it was you.
      I'll talk to the other staff about your case but in all hounesty dont expact to be unbanned.

      I'm saying this not because we are dicks, common missconception about staff. We punish people because they play the game in a way they have unfair advantages over other players. Play by the rules!

      In case you do get unbanned, which again, i highly doubt it, it would be your verry last chance so please, dont screw up again.

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