Reveal your true personality! [Challenge]

      Reveal your true personality! [Challenge]

      I challenge you to reveal your true personality!

      Why is this a challenge?

      I want you to answer these questions honestly.
      I want you to share your initial results.
      (No trying to improve what it looks like!)

      How do I take part?
      Fill out this test and post your results here!

      What do my results mean?
      (I'm an engineer, not a psychologist, so these statements may not be perfectly accurate)

      A warm personality invokes positive feelings in others, Such as making others feel cared about, safe and accepted.


      An intellectual personality is one which thrives for logic, developing understanding, practicality and structure.

      Emotional Stability:

      Your emotional stability reflects your ability to maintain, understand and control your emotional states.


      An assertive personality is capable of being confident and self-aware in their communications without any aggression.


      Gregarious personality is one which is outgoing, sociable and seeks company.


      A dutiful personality is one which is obedient and respectful, often acting out of a sense of duty or obligation.


      A friendly personality is often open minded and sincerely positive.


      A sensitive personality is one which is capable of observing and understanding small details as part of a larger picture. How these are interperated is independent of the personality. (Aka, Not all sensitive people are easily offended)


      A distrustful personality is one which is apprehensive, reserved and cautious. Often playing situations safely.


      An imaginative personality is one in which there is great control of the mind, is creative and open minded. Is often interested in interpretations and influences.


      A reserved personality is essentially the opposite of a gregarious one, often introverted or distrustful.


      An anxious personality is one in which the mind is insecure or easily concerned, often overthinking anything on the mind. A bad combination to have with a sensitive personality.


      An interesting trait, if there was a measure of normality it would be this. A complex personality often defers from the norms, shows oxymoronic personality traits. Often competing internally for control of a dominant trait. For example, a gregarious and friendly person who despises people.


      A self reliant personality is one in which is confident and competitive, often having greater trust in oneself.


      Orderly personalities are dependent on structure, organisation, cleanliness and symmetry.

      An emotional personality is one in which a broad range of emotions are able to be expressed. Often being comfortable with and accepting each emotion. Capable of seeing that without sadness there is no happiness.
      My Results

      Vex wrote:

      Because I do not see you as worthy of the rank. This isn't personal.
      Swisscrafts Equivalent of the Eternal Genin

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      I guess I have a fairly well rounded personality, but i'm slightly more on the anxious, complex, and sensitive side. I'd say that nails it perfectly.
      I did this on my phone, please excuse the shitty capture.
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