Update about the future of the server.

      Update about the future of the server.

      Hey guys.
      First of all let me thank you all for the feedback I have gotten, be it in the forum or the plenty of emails and PMs I have gotten.
      And thanks for the Host suggestions as that actually made me found a good new host that seems pretty good so far. What this means is that SC will be back after a short hiatus.
      And we're gonna up the ante by a bit, we now have a entire team of people besides me working on the server, we will provide a whole new experience, a custum worldGen that will give you a much better world to explore and build on, along that, we will add NPCs, Minigames and whatever the hell we can think of. The whole Server wil be completely reworked.
      So look forward to that, I will announce it here once the Server is ready. It's gonna take a week or so, depending how things go as we are not rushing, but the server is already running and the cores are in place.
      I hope to see you on the new server once it launches and remember.. the sheep god sees it all.

      Download link for Map 8, it's 4gb so be prepared: drive.google.com/open?id=12CKrk-V9zyoP9fHE2BUrWU9jG76TLQSr


      Happy New Year you delicious people

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      it's good to hear the server is definitely coming back but part of the charm of SWC was that it wasn't quite vanilla but also wasn't the entire kitchen sink thrown into a server like any other bland server i could find on the faceless lists of servers out there that have next to no character, i'm rambling now but i guess what i'm trying to say is that i personally think we should be careful about what we add to the server especially without the prior consent of the staff or players lest our server end up becoming one of those servers as well
      The moment I joined this server I loved it. I loved the survival feel, with a twist. Sadly the only thing that left me no choice but to go inactive was ping.. You might have heard this a lot but I don't have the greatest internet. And connecting to a server so far away left me with 500+ ping. It rendered me unplayable, which was odd because when I first joined I only got 100-150. I will try to come back and support the server once again (If I can). I truly do not want to see this community leave and I wish V, that you can get this sorted out. If you need any help, whether is building, or just simply testing, I can help. Anything to see the server live on.

      Best of luck,
      Wow came back to all of this! Got very worried. Thank's for your sacrifices V and im very happy its coming back!! Im happy to help always, my vacation is almost over.

      TheDynamicRam wrote:

      They Thought I Was X-raying When Really I Was Just Using The Random Algorithm System In The World Generation Process To Help Me Find Ores. Its Really Complicated And Nobody Understands It When I Try To Explain It...

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